Test Drive: New JEEP Compass Limited 4×4 2.0 MultiJet-II 170hp Auto 9

Test Drive: New JEEP Compass Limited 4x4 2.0 MultiJet-II 170hp Auto 9 10

Safety Features
As you’d imagine with a Jeep of any model, safety features are paramount. Front and side window airbags are standard and there’s a handy lane departure warning (if you drift it alerts you back over the line) and forward collision alert – an audible alert senses if cars in front are too close. If you ignore the alert, the brakes automatically engage which can be a (welcome) shock. I especially liked the blind spot warning. An illuminated triangle appeared on the wing mirror and I had an audible alert warming me of approaching cars in my blind spot zone. Especially welcome on the motorway when a lapse in concentration can be fatal.

Test Drive: New JEEP Compass Limited 4x4 2.0 MultiJet-II 170hp Auto 9 11

Parking made easier
Parking is a dream in the Jeep Compass – despite its 4.4m length. From multi-storey car parks to quiet side roads and busy main streets, I found the Parkview rear backup camera brilliant and visual displays highly effective. Rear sensors alert you if you’re too close to an object. There’s also a rear cross-path detection which was very handy when an impatient twit tried to pass me while I was reversing out of Waitrose.

In addition, I had a go at the extraordinary parallel and perpendicular park assist. Not quite believing it could work, I switched on the ultrasonic sensing kit that enabled the Compass to park itself. Just line up opposite a space and it will do the rest for you. And yes, you do need to take your hands off the wheel. You can also let it guide you out of a parallel parking space. I actually love parking, so this is not a perk I would use all the time. However, parkaphobes will revel in this sophisticated gadgetry.

In summary, the new Jeep Compass Limited 4×4 is a more than worthy challenger to other SUVs in a similar range, namely Nissan’s Qashqai, the VW Tiguan and others. I love its commanding driving position, its superbly comfortable leather seating and excellent visibility. The intelligently configured dashboard is a plus and the car feels it’s been designed with women in mind, just as much as the guys.

Test Drive: New JEEP Compass Limited 4x4 2.0 MultiJet-II 170hp Auto 9 12

Jeep doesn’t (yet) have a huge presence in Europe but I feel that will soon change. Considering the Compass’s iconic stablemates include the Renegade, the Cherokee and its big bro, the Grand Cherokee (my favourite), as well as the sexy, oft-pimped Wrangler, there’s truly a Jeep for every taste – and every budget.

Jeep Compass Limited 4X4 Information

New Jeep Compass Limited 4×4 2.0 MultiJet-II 170hp Auto9 Stats
4 cylinders
Acceleration: 0-62 in 9.5 secs
Top Speed 122mph
Gearbox 9-speed auto
Max Torque 380 Nm @ 1750 rpm
Max Power 125 KW (170) @ 3750 rpm
Drive 4WD Active Drive with Selec-terrain

JEEP Compass Limited 4×4 2.0 MultiJet-II 170hp Auto9
OTR price: £34,925
OTR price with options: £40,645
Website: https://www.jeep.co.uk

Jeep Compass Limited 4X4 review by Gina Baksa

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