Lacoste Run Spin Ultra Trainers Puts Some Bounce Back into 2021

Lacoste Run Spin Ultra Trainers Puts Some Bounce Back into 2021

World-famous French fashion company Lacoste has launched their Run Spin Ultra trainers. These are running shoes with a strong fashion element and a double layer of foam which offers increased performance from energy return.

Known for its strong connection with Tennis and Fashion, Lacoste is expanding into other sports and leisure activities. Their Run Spin Ultra textile trainers launch this summer with a vibrant look and full of functional attributes. Throughout designing and manufacturing the trainers, Lacoste has put the use of the shoes at primary focus.

In the early days of Tennis, players were conservative in their apparel; men wore trousers and long-sleeved shirts, which were not exactly conducive to performance. René Lacoste started playing in the 1920s and immediately brought about changes in clothing. He wanted practicality and comfort, understanding the need for clothing adapted to the task.

Lacoste shortened the sleeves of a typical tennis shirt to create the first comfortable shirt we know as the Polo shirt. Quickly he embroidered his shirts with a signature crocodile, making them instantly recognisable.

The Crocodile is the nickname given to René by an American journalist in the 1920s. Lacoste was passionate about his sport and how he could better himself through training and the equipment he used. This lead to him designing and making the first metal tennis racquet.

René Lacoste had an eye for detail, and everything he designed had to look good and be functional; as mentioned, this is the ethos running through the brand to this day.

A closer view of the Lacoste Run Spin Ultra trainers

About the Lacoste Run Spin Ultra trainers
The Lacoste Run Spin Ultra has a woven TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) mesh upper, giving the optimal breathability sought after by runners. Its unique texture comes with a transparent inner cage, matched by its eyelets to create a contrast of colours.

The World famous green Crocodile of Lacoste adorns the bold upper, which sits on top of a slender sole that looks great and performs superbly due to the technology used within.

A young woman sat down wearing a pair of the Lacoste trainersThe Run Spin Ultra has a shape memory plastic called Pebax, which forms a plate that provides stability and cushioning.

The advanced sole material gives essential protection from impact, while the double layer of DOW foam allows the user to gain performance from energy return.

Goodyear, better known for their tyre production, is now heavily involved in rubber development for footwear, and their expertise provides the rubber on the outsoles. The excellent grip this provides is achieved under all conditions.

Lacoste has hit the ground running with their Run Spin Ultra packed full of technology that combines pleasing looks with practicality.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to try a pair of the Run Spin Ultras, so I can’t comment on the comfort or functionality of the trainers.

However, they do look great, and I have had experience with Lacoste products. So I would think they would be well made and fit for purpose.

Lacoste Run Spin Ultra – Where and How?

The Run Spin Ultra trainers are available in men’s and women’s styles and various colours. For more information, please visit

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