The Lexus LC Convertible takes Wind in the Hair Driving to a New Level

Lexus LC Convertible is an Ideal Car For Wind In The Hair Driving

When you buy a convertible, it’s to experience the wind in your hair, sun on your face and the feeling of freedom. The new Lexus LC Convertible lets you experience all of these along with some special features designed to maximise comfort.

Lexus believes that comfort should not be compromised when driving a convertible with the roof down. To make sure this doesn’t happen, they’ve introduced some innovative features in their LC Convertible, ensuring the driver and passenger get the full benefits that come with open-air driving.

Lexus had an aim to prevent cold air cooling the lower body, yet still manage temperature and airflow around the head and shoulders. The system allows the driver and passenger to experience a refreshing drive in complete comfort.

2020 Lexus LC Convertible roof down

Alterations to the air conditioning system make the cabin environment entirely different when the roof is down. The open-air control automatically detects if it’s down, adapting the air-con performance accordingly. Factors like outside temperature, amount of sunlight, and the vehicle’s speed are taken into account when the top is stowed.

Heaters are built into the headrests, and these are adjustable and direct air onto the neck, warming occupants quickly. The system is automatic but can be controlled manually and has three heat settings.

The Climate Concierge system is typical of Lexus’s intelligent thinking it combines the neck and seat heaters with the automatic air conditioning and heated steering wheel. The system is intelligent enough to recognise when there is no one in the passenger seat.

2020 Lexus LC Convertible roof mechanism in action

Aerodynamics is a key aspect of how a convertible responds with the top down. It is a vital consideration in protecting occupants from too much airflow. Lexus researched this carefully leading to a belt line being introduced along the side of the car. This kicks up at the rear edge of the doors to meet the surface of the boot lid. A small detail that makes for a smoother flow of air, so the occupants are not buffeted.

A clear wind deflector is located behind the rear seats which come as standard. It suppresses unwelcome airflow, keeping it quiet enough in the cabin to hold a conversation at speeds up to 35mph. It produces a twenty per cent reduction of airflow from around the occupants’ faces.

2020 Lexus LC Convertible from above

An optional windscreen can be installed, providing comfort when travelling at higher speeds. The windscreen reduces airflow around the head by 67 per cent at 60mph. The mesh unit sits neatly behind the rear seats and can remain in place when the roof is raised.

Many different mesh patterns were trialled before the best-performing design was chosen. Special attention was also paid to the screen’s appearance so that it blends perfectly with the convertible’s luxurious interior.

I have not driven the LC Convertible yet, so I am relying on the facts provided by Lexus. I have never been disappointed driving the LC 500, so I am sure if I get the chance to review the Convertible it will be just as enjoyable as Lexus says it is.

2020 Lexus LC Convertible roof up

This article was written was Jeremy Webb.

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The Lexus LC Convertible takes Wind in the Hair Driving to a New Level 2


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