Live Like a Local for Two Days in Sabak Bernam and Kuala Selangor

Live Like a Local for 2 Days in Sabak Bernam and Kuala Selangor

A Community Host Programme is one of the best ways to learn and understand what makes a place ‘tick’ and are designed to let you live like a local. We’re heading to Malaysia for this travel feature to look at the newly launched Live Like a Local programme for the Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam Districts.

Over the past few years, global travellers needs and wants have been changing and only recently has it started to come to the attention of the wider world. Contrary to what some might think, these changes began long before the Pandemic outbreak. Nowadays, irrespective of budget size, more and more travellers want to engage in experiences that will produce lasting memories.

The days of slathering on the suntan lotion, sipping a drink, doing nothing by a swimming pool are fast disappearing, instead replaced by activities and things that will inspire. A perfect way to learn about another country is to live like a local.

Fortunately, those heading to Malaysia, particularly those planning to spend some time in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, have the opportunity to do this. Tourism Selangor has introduced a new programme where people can spend a day with someone from the local community, acquiring traditional skills from people who grew up in the area. The community-hosted programmes allow you to live like a local, trying your hands at something that you’ll only see from afar when you visit a country.

Most people visiting Malaysia will spend their time shopping, enjoying beaches and luxury hotels, eating out and looking at the extraordinary biodiversity. Instead of doing what everyone else is, why not challenge yourselves? Why not learn something new and grab the chance to understand what makes a country truly tick? Below, we’ve detailed what you will experience when you choose to live like a local.

Live Like a Local Day One: Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor
5:00 PM – Explore Stunning Mangrove Forest along the River Bank
5:30 PM – Eagle-watching
6:00 PM – Clamp Catching Experience
6:30 PM – Net Fishing Experience

Live Like a Local Day two: Sungai Air Tawar, Sabak Bernam
11:00 AM – Learn about the Method of Coconut Extraction
12:00 PM – Learn How to cook Kuih Onde-Onde
3:00 PM – Learn How to Catch Fish Using Bamboo
5:30 PM – Tea-time Enjoying a Wadai Kepeng dessert

Exploring the mangrove forest by boat in Pasir Penambang

1) Explore Stunning Mangrove Forest along the River Bank
The Live Like a Local Community Host Program starts at Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor. From here, you will board a traditional wooden fishing boat, where you’ll head off to explore the stunning mangrove swamp forest along the river banks. Pasir Penambang boasts a fantastic ecosystem and will provide the opportunity to see things with your own eyes that have thus far only been in books and photographs.

2) Eagle Spotting from the boat
Malaysia is a haven for birds, and one of the must-try things is eagle spotting. My husband and I have had the pleasure of doing this whilst in Langkawi, and it is an enriching and pleasurable experience. Pasir Penambang is an excellent place for eagle watching while on the boat.

3) Clam Catching Experience
After a spot of eagle watching, you will get the chance to try your hands at fishing for and catching clamps. In this experience, local fishermen will show you how to harvest clams using their traditional tools of the trade.

The traditional method of net fishing

4) Net Fishing Experience
Now that you’re well-versed in the art of catching clams, it’s time to move on to faster moving things. On this part of the experience, the Community Host at Pasir Penambang will teach you how to catch fresh seafood using only nets.

5) Learn about Coconut Extraction
For day two, you’ll join the Community Host Programme at Sungai Air Tawar, Sabak Bernam. Here, you will learn everything you’ve wanted to know about coconuts, including the different types from their shape and colour. In addition to this, you will learn how to extract the coconuts using lesser-known traditional methods.

6) Learn How to Cook Kuih Onde-onde
The coconut extract is used as an ingredient in various ways, one being the dessert Onde-onde Kuih. It is incredibly delicious with its Gula Melaka filling and coconut coating. Your host will allow you to try your hands at making the dessert using a traditional Onde-onde Kuih recipe.

A young girl catching fish using bamboo

7) Learn How to Catch Fish Using Bamboo
Now that you’ve learned how to catch marine life using traditional nets on the first day, it’s time to try something a little different on day two. On this day, you will get a chance to catch fish using bamboo, and if you’re lucky, you might even snag a Puyu.

8) Tea-time While Enjoying Wadai Kepeng
A perfect way to end the Community Host program is by relaxing amidst the serene village atmosphere while enjoying the traditional dessert of the Banjar people; Wadai Kepeng!

The Community Host Programme in Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam Districts offers an incredible experience away from your daily routine. As the saying goes, “if you have never tried, you will never know”. So, don’t miss out on the chance to live like a local with community hosts in Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam Districts. Who knows? You might even get the opportunity to experience even more hidden gems on your two-day experience!

How to live like a local day one schedule

How to book the Live Like a Local programme
If you want to live like a local, you can make reservations by contacting Mr Pua Chun Seong (Kuala Selangor) on 017-258 5552 and Ms Amira Rasyidah Binti Jamil (Sabak Bernam) on 011-3083 1273.

How to live like a local day two schedule

Please note that those attending the Live Like a Local Community Host Programme’s will need to adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the National Security Council in accordance with Phase 4 of the National Recovery Plan. These include ensuring social distancing, wearing a face mask at all times in public, and applying hand sanitiser regularly for the well-being of others.

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Live Like a Local for Two Days in Sabak Bernam and Kuala Selangor 2


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