Midas Mead Refines and Elevates a Drink Steeped in Mythology

Midas Mead Refines and Elevates a Drink Steeped in Mythology

For thousands of years, Mead has been inextricably linked with celebrations, socialising and comradeship and can be traced as far back as 7000BC in China. With Christmas on our doorstep, Jeremy Webb gets out his crackers, prepares his palate and samples some delicious Midas Mead to establish if this is the best version of it yet.

Midas Mead is a Welsh product created from natural ingredients reflecting the company’s idyllic valley location. In making this extraordinary beverage, they’ve brought together the raw honey and crystal clear spring water which cascades through acres of organic wildflower meadows to enhance flavours that might otherwise be lost and is brewed without added chemicals or preservatives.

The beautiful Welsh countryside surrounding the distillery

Mead is a sweet wine which pairs perfectly with cheese, chicken, fish or grilled vegetables. The delicate balance between honey, yeast and water within mead means, unlike most alcoholic drinks, it soothes your throat, making it ideal for harsh winter nights cosied up by the fire.

Midas Mead is a fun brand, run by award-winning entrepreneur Hamish Murray. After only two years he has gained a great deal of recognition in the industry; so much so he picked up the Green Business of the Year at the Swansea Bay Business Awards, as well as the One Planet’s Startup of the Year award.

They are a truly British company working harmoniously with nature. They give back to the ecosystem by maintaining a carbon-negative business model, planting 50 trees per year throughout the Ceredigion valleys and caring for animals at their sanctuary in West Wales.

The company specialises in high end, small batch production of meads and is located in the rolling valleys of West Wales. They also have the advantage of being able to draw upon almost 100 years of experience and a wealth of family recipes, honed over the years and handed down through generations.

Many people will probably be thinking the drink evolved during the time of the Vikings, but they’d be mistaken. There’s evidence of Mead being drunk as far back as 9000 years in China, and after 90 centuries you should be in no doubt that Midas Mead is the most delicate and refined example of it yet produced.

Another nice aspect I like about Midas Mead is its exclusivity. Unlike other drinks companies, they don’t flood the market with their products, producing a maximum run size of only 50 numbered and signature etched bottles.

Hamish and his team have an ethos of sustainability; all packaging is recyclable or bio-degradable and is indicative of Midas’ attention to detail. Taking inspiration from the beautiful surroundings, they use only the softest barley straw triple hand washed and tinted to echo the colours of the blooms around us.

A bottle of Midas Mead with its wicker basket

Midas Mead is the UK’s only bespoke meadery, taking custom orders as well as their classic range which comes in a sleek gift box or a wicker hamper basket. For those wishing just to wet their whistles, you can also buy twin ‘minis’, two small bottles of different batches. Recently Midas Mead began producing its Brilliance range, containing edible glitter, just in time for the holidays.

Midas Mead is currently offering a 20% discount store wide, in line with furlough pay. All customers can take advantage of this offer by using the code ‘LOCKDOWN20’ at checkout. This offer expires on 31 December 2020.

I sipped my Midas whilst enjoying cheese and crackers which complimented each other exceptionally well. The sweetness from the honey delicious with the strong salty cheddar and creamy butter on the crackers. Once you taste Mead, you will ask yourself why you haven’t before? Please have a wonderful Christmas and celebrate it however you can spend it this year.

The company also produces small mead tasting sets as shown in this photograph

Midas Mead – Where and How?

For more information on Midas Mead and their product range and to learn more about their story, visit midasmead.co.uk.

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