We Test the Mitchell & Brown 32″ Android Near Borderless Smart TV

The Mitchell & Brown JB-32FH1811DSMABL 32″ Android Near Borderless Smart TV

In the world of TVs, people often subscribe to the notion that bigger is better. That might be true when it comes to large living areas, but not when space is at a premium. Rather than test a huge screen TV, we wanted to put Mitchell & Browns 32″ near borderless Android TV to the test to prove that you can get everything you’d need from a TV in a smaller form factor.

Regular readers of Luxurious Magazine should be familiar with the British TV brand Mitchell & Brown. Earlier this year, we tested its 24″ Android TV and were amazed by it (read our review here), and when the opportunity arose, we jumped at the chance to test out the brand’s 32″ JB-32FH1811DSMABL model, which according to the specifications, seems a step up from its smaller sibling.

Choosing a television in today’s world is far from an easy task. If you pop into any of the major electrical retailers, you’ll see rows of televisions stretching off into the distance, covered in stickers advertising functions and options most consumers will not understand, let alone use.

A young couple looking at televisions in a shop

Most people just want a TV with decent image quality, good sound, and some built-in features that simplify life. Another important factor for many is investing in something that’s not going to break down and need replacing; this is where Mitchell & Brown has a clear advantage over others. The reason why will become apparent a little later in this feature.

Although the consumer TV market is seemingly a domain where everyone demands the biggest, this isn’t wholly accurate. In many countries, practicality still takes precedence over size. In Spain, for example, TV sizes between 30-44 inches represented more than half of all TV sales in 2021, with those in the 32″ size area making up almost 30 per cent of sales.

The television on a wooden table top, slightly angled

First impressions
As with all of Mitchell & Brown’s products, the packaging is excellent, with all the requisite components individually wrapped and solidly packed. When I lifted the screen from the box, the first thing I noticed was how light it was, and it was also a little smaller than I expected (734 x 435 x 81), which is due to its near borderless screen design.

In total, the TV weighs less than 5kgs, meaning there will be no issues with wall mounting. Like its smaller 24″ sibling, the JB-32FH1811DSMABL model has an aluminium flash at the base of the screen, and in the room, it looked smart and tidy, not one of those TVs that seems to scream for attention.

Setting it up
Android phone users will love the setup process. The shared operating system allows you to transfer all your preferences directly to the TV, including the WiFi information. In no time, you will be greeted with a smart TV interface, and it is just a case of installing the TV channels.

Unless you have a coaxial aerial port connected to a standard television aerial, getting good reception indoors can sometimes be challenging. To solve this issue, I invested in a rather ‘nifty’ aerial called the Monarch 50 from the US company RGTech (approximately £25.00).

The aerial is said to have a 50-mile range and uses ultra-wideband antenna technology. What I adored about this aerial is it is virtually invisible as the tiny wiring is embedded into a clear sheet allowing you to stick it on a window pane. From the outside, it is practically invisible, and, yes, I was able to get all the requisite channels, including the HD-specific ones, without a problem.

Image and sound quality
The Mitchell & Brown JB-32FH1811DSMABL is a 1080p FullHD TV, and the picture quality is as good as I hoped, probably due to the in-built combination of Dynamic Contrast, Progressive Scan and Digital Noise Reduction. The sound is also excellent as it has Dolby Audio Processing and two 6w speakers.

The television with its screen on, showing some of the smart feature options

The Smart features
The 32″ Android television offers access to FreeviewPlay, Android TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Spotify, Youtube and a huge number of additional apps via the Google Play Store. It also works with GoogleAssistant through the built-in microphone on the remote control. I always find the speech option invaluable, especially when looking for something on YouTube; talking into a remote control is much faster and eliminates annoying mistypes.

A woman listening to the TV in bed with headphones

If you plan to use this television in the bedroom, you’ll be pleased to know that it has a sleep function, a headphone socket and Bluetooth, allowing you to watch what you want at your preferred sound level without disturbing those around you.

The Mitchell & Brown 32″ Android Near Borderless Smart TV (JB-32FH1811DSMABL) is a smart-looking, capable television. Its small size makes it ideal for the kitchen or bedroom, and it does everything you need it to without fuss or hassle. All of this television’s stand-out selling points can be found in many other models except one, which I alluded to at the beginning of this feature.

A young couple, relaxing in the home with a roaring fire

“What separates Mitchell & Brown from others is the warranty, which is a staggering seven years. When buying a Mitchell & Brown TV, you’re not just buying a high-quality television that will do pretty much everything you’d want; you’re investing in peace of mind.”

Mitchell & Brown JB-32FH1811DSMABL basic specifications:

Screen Size: 32″
Set Size without Stand (WxHxD): 734 x 435 x 81
Set Size with Stand (WxHxD): 734 x 478 x 185
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Viewing Angle: 178/178
Energy Rating: E
Wireless Display: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Google Assistant Built-in: Yes
Digital Broadcasting: DVB-T2
Tuner: VHF/UHF/Cable
HDMI: x 3
USB: x 2

For more information on Michell & Brown and to see their full range of products, visit www.mitchellandbrown.co.uk.

A close up of the brand logo on the aluminium flashing on the televisionWe Test the Mitchell & Brown 32″ Android Near Borderless Smart TV 2

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