The Montegrappa Cognac Hors d’Age Made from Natural Limousin Oak

Montegrappa Cognac Hors d’Age fountain pen

Montegrappa is known as the makers of the world’s finest writing implements. They’ve produced so many stunning designs; I cannot even begin to guess how many they’ve released over the past century. Once again, the Italian manufacturer has pushed the boundaries of design with its latest release, the Cognac Hors d’Age.

With more than one hundred years of making the worlds most exquisite pens, it would be safe to assume they’d experimented with every type of material known. But no! They’ve surprised us once more by adopting the spirits industry’s favourite, natural Limousin oak.

Limousin oak hails from southwest-central France and is used in the production of wine casks and barrels. The reason why Limousin oak is the preferred material for whisky and cognac casks is it helps to give spirits their unique aromas, colours and flavours. And, as whiskies and cognacs are considered luxuries it is the ideal tie-in for Montegrappa’s latest release.

Montegrappa’s new, limited-edition Cognac Hors d’Age is undoubtedly beautiful. It’s a wood-based pen with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about it. In many ways, a wooden pen is elevated above the wow-factor of even those made from precious metals. People who’ve never seen a pen made from wood are drawn towards them for their beauty, uniqueness and craftsmanship.

Making a fine writing implement takes skill, time and patience, and this is a trait shared with the finest cognac producers. Cognac has been with us for almost exactly four hundred years. During this time, the experts have refined their techniques and explored the best ingredients and materials to produce the finest products possible.

Montegrappa Cognac Hors d’Age is made from natural Limousin oak

With 400 years of experience, it’s safe to assume that cognac producers know their stuff and if they say natural Limousin oak is the best material to use, you’d better believe them.

Montegrappa has adopted these centuries-old skills and traditions in the production of the Cognac Hors d’Age, producing a pen, truly fit for the cognac cognoscenti.

Montegrappa Cognac Hors d'Age on white background

As seen in the photograph, the barrel of the Cognac Hors d’Age adopts liberal use of natural Limousin oak which has been carved to mimic the curvature found on a cask or barrel. To add an extra eye-catching touch, they’ve used sterling silver trims to mimic the hoops. Continuing the character, the barrel and cap of the pen also have perfectly aligned Pyrogravure detailing.

As with most, let’s call them ‘Montegrappa Specials‘ it’s a limited edition collection. The Cognac Hors d’Age is actually even more limited than most as just fifty examples are available for purchase. Each of the fountain pens has an 18K white gold filigree nib which is available in grades of Broad, Medium, Fine and Extra-fine and each pen comes in an exquisite wooden presentation case.

Montegrappa Cognac Hors d'Age with presentation box

Like all wood-based products, over time they will develop a special patina of their own. Natural, organic grains are not immune to slight visual changes. Over the years, I would consider the subtle changes in the Cognac Hors d’Age’s grain as a memory of your life and where you’ve been, consider it a luxurious badge of honour.

Montegrappa Cognac Hors d’Age – Where and how?

The Cognac Hors d’Age writing implement costs €2,750, for more information visit

The Montegrappa Cognac Hors d’Age Made from Natural Limousin Oak 2

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