The New Suzuki GSX-S1000 is Capable, Beautiful Looking, and a Winner

The New Suzuki GSX-S1000 is Capable, Beautiful Looking, and a Winner

Suzuki has launched its new GSX-S1000 naked street bike, which is both streamlined and stunning. Our resident motorcycle expert Jeremy Webb was among the first to experience it, and the smile on his face following his first ride pretty much sums up what he thinks of it.

There is nothing better than jumping on a brand new bike model that has a full tank of fuel, and you have the freedom to go anywhere. This was the case when the key to Suzuki’s new GSX-S1000 was handed to me at their Head Office, and the mechanic’s words were “have fun.”

As soon as I started the bike, the engine sounded superb with a throbbing that you know means the bike will be fast. When I pulled away, I immediately felt the power waiting to be unleashed; this is something the bike has in abundance.

Jeremy Webb riding the new Suzuki GSX-S1000

In every gear, there is torque, and when in sixth gear, you can warp speed from a tootling 30 mph to National Speed limit like the Millenium Falcon doing the Kessel Run. It keeps going; you feel the machine needs a seventh gear to ease the pent up power.

The handling of the bike being tested on the road

The bike handles superbly, as you would expect from a machine capable of performing well on a track. The suspension set-up that allows excellent handling can be tuned to cope with the poor roads of England. When set for track use, I felt every bump and rumble as the wide tyres rolled over various surfaces, so I adjusted the front and rear settings, an easy task using a flat-head screwdriver and dialling the suspension units down a couple of clicks. My journeys became smooth and tyres connected with the surface even on the harshest pothole.

The digital display panel clearly shows the rider all the information they need, and Suzuki has kept things simple here. The only inputs you can make to the bike are changing the amount of Traction Control you want. Ideal for switching between regular road use and if you then venture on to a circuit and want to disable TC, which many GSX-S 1000 owners will want to do. Three modes allow the rider to change the engine character and power curves and still get full power.

The riding modes are Active, Basic and Comfort. A, or Active, which has a quick power delivery only useful on the track. Basic is a smoother, softer power delivery ideal on the road and track. Comfort has an actual change on power delivery, ideal for inexperienced riders or when weather conditions are not good.

A side profile view of a blue painted version of the bike

The 2021 GSX-S 1000 has a more significant 19-litre fuel tank enabling longer rides between filling up, which every rider appreciates. It now means nearly 200 miles on a full tank if you get the stated 46 mpg Suzuki claim. The range is also plenty for a machine that doesn’t have a fairing, so you are exposed to the full force of wind resistance. Although the riding position is good with the barrage of wind at higher speed, you do want to stop after about two hours of riding.

Going back to the superb handling, this comes from the lightweight aluminium chassis. A tight package with the swingarm produces sharp, agile turning with plenty of grip front and rear.

Competition comes from the Ducati Monster (£10,385), Honda CB1000R (£11,999) and BMW’s 2021 S1000R (£12,035), Kawasaki’s Z1000 (£10,649) and Yamaha’s MT-10(£12,502). I haven’t ridden these bikes yet, but they will have to be at the top of their game to challenge the Suzuki GSX-S 1000.

Image showing a side view and a front view of the new Suzuki motorcycle

Final thoughts
The GSX-S1000 is exhilarating to ride and beautiful looking, so it is the complete package. Any biker will love riding it and admiring the sharp lines with the radical headlight design. Suzuki has always made great 1 litre machines, and the GSX-S1000 is another fine addition to their stable. The price is attractive too.

Suzuki GSX-S1000 – Where and How?

The price for the GSX-S1000 starts at £10,999, and it is available in Metallic Triton Blue, Glass Matt Mechanical Grey or Glass Sparkle Black.

Many thanks to Dearden Motorcycles for loaning us the bike for this review feature; you can find more about them and their current range of motorcycles here.

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The New Suzuki GSX-S1000 is Capable, Beautiful Looking, and a Winner 2


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