The NQi GTS Sport is an Electrifying Boost to Inner-City Travel

Rider and passenger on the NQi GTS Sport

Can you imagine walking down a busy High Street and not hearing the annoying growl of young lads on mopeds at full throttle? Welcome to the sound of silence with the NQi GTS Sport electric moped from NIU. Electric mopeds offer silent riding benefitting both the rider and the environment.

Not many people know about NIU currently, this will change quickly as the company are becoming a significant power in electric mobility. Sales of their electric scooters have increased due to the pandemic as people look for alternatives to public transport. Even before this, they have grown to be the leading provider of two-wheel urban mobility machines.

Picture this, waking at 6 am quick breakfast and then a 15-minute walk to the nearest railway station. The train is late again so more people arrive on the platform. When the train finally comes you board an already crowded carriage and stand the whole 30 minutes into the city. Fight your way to the station exit then 20-minute walk to your place of work—one scenario for commuting.

The alternative rise at 7 am have a good breakfast. Grab your helmet, gloves and keys to your NIU NQI GT Sport. Leave the house, start the electric scooter, which makes no sound at all. Get the ready sign on the digital display, turn the throttle, and you are away.

A steady ride into the city, the machine filters through traffic with ease, and you park the bike close to work. I know which story I prefer.

The NQi GTS sport can currently be bought for much less than a season rail pass, and insurance is inexpensive. No congestion or parking fees either. Other benefits of commuting using an electric scooter.

The NQi GTS sport

To clarify this machine is not one of the Child stand up scooters, it is a moped-style design using rechargeable batteries to power a motor in the rear wheel. The GT sport is an excellent design as it allows the owner to remove the batteries and charge them using the adaptor provided.

The NQi GTS battery

It means you could remove the battery when parked near work, charge it while working and then replace and ride home. It also means if you have a flat, you can recharge the battery inside. No need for long power cables trailing from a window to charge the scooter.

The NQi GTS Sport is an excellent machine for novice riders as the power delivery comes in gradually, slowly building to higher speeds. You don’t get the same thrust as you do from higher-rated electric machines. The 3000w motor equates to 66cc petrol engine and can be governed by the rider selecting from three modes to control top speed and acceleration.

E Save mode is Economy which limits top speed to around 28mph, acceleration for me was so slow I considered it dangerous. It doesn’t allow any power when pulling away from junctions or lights.

Dynamic is the middle mode with slightly better performance, the top speed reaching 35mph. The mode I kept the NQi GTS Sport in the most was Sport which gave decent acceleration and a top speed of 45mph.

Owners can use NIU’s App on their Smartphones to check on battery level, usage, range and interact with the NIU community. Also, track where the moped is if motion is detected once the alarm system is set—a beneficial security system.

With all the features of the NQi GTS Pro, the Sport is less money and carries the longer-lasting removable batteries, good for 1000+ charges. Owners benefit from improved suspension along with 14″ wheels.

NIU NQi GTS Sport digital dashboard

I loved my time on the NIU NQi GTS Sport, as it provides superb town mobility with no fuss. Grab your helmet and gloves and go. An impressive range which is topped up through regenerative braking combined with good top speed and performance when in Sport mode makes it truly pleasant to ride. It is a good looking machine too.

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The NQi GTS Sport is an Electrifying Boost to Inner-City Travel 2


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