Perch & Settle’s Extraordinary New Bird Table is Art for the Garden

Perch & Settle's Extraordinary New Bird Table is Art for the Garden 3

Perch & Settle have unveiled an elegant bird table that allows for unobstructed views of birds as they congregate and feed and, at the same time, gives them the opportunity to experience the luxurious side of life.

We recently published a guide on how to attract wildlife into your gardens, and one area we paid particular attention to was our feathered friends. Birds are amazing, and gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts alike view it as an honour if wild birds choose to grace a garden with their presence.

For many people, having birds around is nothing out of the ordinary. But, being surrounded by birds and seeing them whenever you are outside might just be a case of “Making hay while the sun shines.” Sadly, since the 1970s wild species in the UK have declined by 11%, and this worrying decline looks to be continuing.

Therefore the onus is on all of us to do whatever we can, whether big or small, to help them and fortunately, companies such as Perch & Settle are stepping up to the plate.

A great spotted woodpecker photographed in our garden in Lancashire

The benefits of birds
Without a shadow of a doubt, birds are amazing. They fill our lives with beautiful sounds and colours and expect nothing in return. The beautiful noises they make also has a hidden benefit and it’s something that can directly help you.

It is said that listening to bird song can lower blood pressure, and in addition to this, the sounds they make can also improve your mental health and reduce stress for anything up to four hours.

A Long Tailed Tit photographed in our garden in Lancashire

I’ve spent countless hours in the garden, listening to and watching birds. I am not a twitcher as such; I am someone who enjoys watching them getting on with life, communicating with friends and family and what appears to me, having some fun.

There are many ways we can help birds, but Perch & Settle’s new bird table which has more than a passing resemblance to the Sydney Opera House takes things to a whole new level.

Let’s take a closer look at what could very well be the world’s poshest bird table.

The four leaf bird table on its standPerch & Settle, based in England’s New Forest, is one company that’s going above and beyond for our feathered neighbours.

They have unveiled a brand new bird table which provides wild birds with a taste of the luxurious life. Actually, calling it simply a bird table is somewhat unfair as it is equally deserving of being called a sculpture for the garden.

The bird table was designed and handmade in the New Forest and is a dramatic departure from tradition.

The table combines contemporary design with the practical considerations of providing food, shelter and shade for wild birds.

The four-leafed bird table is supported on a four-column stemmed stand, which has been specifically designed to resemble the stems of daffodils emerging through the grass.

This bird table would be a statement piece in any private garden, however, given its size (900mm across), it is equally at home in country hotels and park settings. For those who would prefer something a little less grand, the company will be introducing a smaller three-leafed version with a Celtic Knot shaped base in the near future.

A thing of beauty and joy forever
As well as the aesthetics of a garden sculpture, Perch & Settle’s bird tables also share a sculpture’s durability. The tables use Accoya, and its board derivative, Tricoya. This FSC certified softwood is treated at a cellular level to make it completely resistant to decay and distortion for over 50 years, outlasting and outperforming even tropical hardwoods.

The bird tables are available in a Maple-tinted clear-coat or painted in White, Dove, Sage, Willow or Slate.

Hooks and feed trays are incorporated into the design so that birds can be fed with a variety of feeds dependent on the most regular visitors or to attract new species.

Prices for the Perch & Settle bird table start from £400. For full details and to see their range of products, visit

The bird photographs used in this article were taken by Natasha Godbold.

Perch & Settle's Extraordinary New Bird Table is Art for the Garden 4


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