Plateaway Will Be Delivering Culinary Fun to a Doorstep Near You

Plateaway meal delivery service

Plateaway is a new meal kit delivery service that brings together ingredients from some of Britain’s best-loved independents right to your doorstep enabling you to make all your favourite dishes from the comfort of your own home.

Plateaway is a new service that allows you to become a first-class chef. In a nutshell, they provide what you’ll need, and you’ll be doing the making and plating from the comfort of your own kitchen.

For the average person, the opportunity to make restaurant-quality food at home seems like a fantastic idea. It’s said to be ideal for all occasions, including the all-important date night, a dinner party or just as an exceptional family meal. The Plateaway service caters for a wide range of diets and is simple and straightforward. If you do get a bit stuck or need a prompt, there’s also handy video guides to help you along.

As we mentioned earlier, this is a very new service having been launched in July this year. It now has fourteen restaurant partners, and this is growing week by week.

Plateaway Vegan Patty and Bun

In this day and age, a good number of people have specific dietary requirements. The good news is that the Plateaway service appears to cater for all including vegans, those wanting gluten-free food and vegetarians.

The restaurants working with Plateaway include some well-known names such as Blondies Kitchen, the plant-based Yummy, Patty & Bun, Sushi Dog and for those who fancy a tipple, the ever-popular cocktail brand, ‘World of Zing’.

Plateaway and the World of Zing

Each kit delivered to you will feature all the ingredients you need to recreate the chosen meal and requires only basic cooking and assembly at home.

Nick Leigh, Co-Founder of Plateaway, said: “After a few weeks in lockdown we were all missing life’s simple pleasures like going out to a restaurant for a delicious meal. Having attempted to make the most of home-cooked meals and being ‘adventurous’ in the kitchen with the limited groceries available, we knew there must be an alternative. We decided to reach out to some of our favourite restaurants, not only to satisfy our cravings but also to support the industry and so, Plateaway was born!

Although restrictions have now somewhat lifted, we are all getting used to a new way of life. Working alongside this fantastic and innovative businesses is hugely important to us as the hospitality industry is one of the worst affected by COVID-19. We are privileged to be able to bring some extra fun and satisfaction back into people’s homes whilst striving to help restaurants get back on their feet.”

Plateaway Will Be Delivering Culinary Fun to a Doorstep Near You 3

Plateway is available from £12 and orders can be placed at

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Plateaway Will Be Delivering Culinary Fun to a Doorstep Near You 4


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