Could ProVen ShapeLine Probiotic Put an End to Fad Diets?

Could ProVen ShapeLine Probiotic be the End of Fad Diets?

Although mainstream media is doing its best to convince the public to accept that being overweight is the norm, given half a chance, the majority of people who are carrying a little too much extra baggage would appreciate losing some unwanted weight, especially if it’s easy.

ProVen ShapeLine Probiotic may well be the answer…

Getting rid of extra pounds and inches is hard work and even tougher for those who are aged 50+. If you’re one of our younger readers, let me tell you that when you reach this milestone, your energy levels are considerably lower than what you take for granted now.

Eventually, no matter how active you feel you are you’ll need to face the inevitable. Namely, a waistline has got a mind of its own and will expand and produce extra curves where you least expect them and where you don’t want them.

Many people turn to over-publicised fad diets such as cabbage soup or undertake something akin to a lemon detox diet. At best, most of these fad diets simply offer a new and engaging way to reduce calorie intake, but at worst they can be dangerously restrictive and even cause malnutrition!

What we all should be doing is being more active, and probably the very best way to do it is by walking more. Some will argue it’s running, and those same people probably ignore the long term impact on their joints and prefer to concentrate on the chemical high they experience!

Walking will not do the job on its own

However, even walking more is sometimes not enough and some extra help is needed. It is reported that taking a probiotic supplement can help keep the intestinal flora balanced and promote a healthy body by boosting the digestive and immune systems. It is also said to help people lose weight as poor gut health does have a link to obesity.

So, what’s out there in the market that could help? One stand out product is ShapeLine from ProVen Probiotics it’s said to be ideal for those looking to lose weight in a gradual and healthy manner with the right support for gut health.

We wouldn’t expect you to take our word that it does the job, detailed research is the only way you’ll know for sure. Fortunately, the largest clinical study of its kind has been conducted concerning the effect of probiotics on weight loss, (referred to as the ShapeLine Study). In the study, participants of all ages saw a reduction in their weight, waist circumference and BMI after taking one ProVen Probiotics ShapeLine capsule every day, for six months.

What makes these results even more incredible was participants were not placed on a calorie-controlled diet and made no changes to their lifestyle or exercise regimes. This indicated that all of the weight reduction benefits were as a result of the probiotic.

The ShapeLine product is perfect for those who want to lose weight over a longer period of time, (in a healthy and sustained way), without having to make any changes to either dietary intake or exercise patterns.

Could ProVen ShapeLine Probiotic Put an End to Fad Diets? 4
Yes, you did read that correctly, no changes to their diet or extra exercise were involved!
Could ProVen ShapeLine Probiotic Put an End to Fad Diets? 4

ShapeLine from ProVen Probiotics

The two ShapeLine studies showed weight loss of between 3 and 7lbs, a reduction in waist circumference of 1-2 cm and a reduction in BMI by 1-4%. Interestingly, results were most significant for people over 50, where an average weight loss of 4-5lbs and 2% reduction in BMI was achieved. As well as this, those with higher cholesterol levels had an average weight loss of 5lbs. People over the age of 50, with higher cholesterol, had an average weight loss of 7lbs and a significant reduction in cholesterol levels.

Statistical analysis of the research indicates that the weight changes are consistent and repeatable, and the probiotic will also support those looking to prevent rebound weight gain, following weight loss.

In an era when it seems the majority of people are battling their weight in one way or another, the news that taking a daily probiotic can help achieve weight loss, as well as providing all other benefits of good bacteria, whilst requiring no other changes to lifestyle, will undoubtedly be welcome news to many people.

Alongside impressive weight management results, the ShapeLine study also found that taking one probiotic capsule every day has impressive wellness benefits. These include a massive 40% reduction in upper respiratory tract infections (coughs and colds), a 30% reduction in headaches and improved overall wellness. As a result of these benefits, the ShapeLine group felt better, had more energy and better mood than the group not taking ShapeLine.

ProVen ShapeLine Probiotic – Where and how?

The ProVen ShapeLine Probiotic is available on, RRP £29.95 for a pack of 30 capsules. Details of stockists can be found on the brand’s website.

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Could ProVen ShapeLine Probiotic Put an End to Fad Diets? 4


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