Puerto Portals – A Spanish Jewel Fit For A King

Puerto Portals - A Spanish Jewel Fit For A King 4
Puerto Portals - A Spanish Jewel Fit For A King

Puerto Portals is a beautiful marina on the southern side of the Spanish island of Mallorca that this year celebrates its 30th anniversary

Playing host to many a celebrity over the years for their getaways and even regular visits by royalty, anybody looking for a new destination for their summer holidays should add this Marina to their wish list.

Famous visitors in recent years include Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bill Clinton, Claudia Schiffer, Bernie Ecclestone, Joan Collins, Rod Stuart and Boris Becker, to name just a few.

Claudia Schiffer
Claudia Schiffer

Founded in 1986 and considered to be one of the hidden gems of the Mediterranean, many people are drawn to Puerto Portals by the picturesque location amongst the Spanish hills and the quality of restaurants, shops, golf courses and the like in and around the Marina.

The beach next to the Marina, Playa Oratori de Portals will satisfy those looking for their summer glow. It is an absolutely idyllic 250 metres of white sand and clear blue water with the added bonus of Roxy’s Beach Bar perched on a rocky outcrop at one end, so you can get your Sangria fix without venturing too far from your sun lounger and parasol.

Oris Rally Clásico
Oris Rally Clásico

Puerto Portals plays host to many glamorous events throughout the year revolving around the morning and boating world. The most notable being the Oris Rally Clásico, which has the start line on the water’s edge and tours around the whole of Mallorca, including the mountainous north of the island . See our feature on this year’s event here.

Puerto Portals - A Spanish Jewel Fit For A King

Scores of 100ft yachts line the whole length of the harbour with the prerequisite yacht brokers mulling around during the day and the decadent parties going well in the early hours on the warm summer nights. Mooring is available for up to 639 yachts with berth sizes varying between 25ft and 200ft. There is of course parking available for those arriving on four wheels.

Those looking for a more relaxed holiday will be pleased to hear there are many other things going on during the days and nights in and around the marina.

For culinary delights, you will be more than happy with what the marina has to offer, everything from fine sushi to the finest french gastronomy is here to satisfy your appetite.

Flanigans restaurant is probably the most famous in Puerto Portals, helped by the fact the King of Spain comes here every year for his summer holiday, and this is well known to be his favourite restaurant. When I asked the waiters what his favourite dish was, I received the typically coy answer “He likes everything”. Having sampled the menu myself, I can’t say that I disagree.

Puerto Portals - A Spanish Jewel Fit For A King 5

We visited most of the other restaurants around the marina as well, with our favourites being Diablito, Tahini Sushi, and Ritzi. All the staff at the restaurants helpfully speak English and the service was exemplary throughout our meals – the usual clientele here have very high expectations.

Those looking for a little more on the shopping side have a section of upmarket boutiques to choose from, including Exclusive, Kidama and Nova Línea. Don’t expect much change from £1000 for a good sweater from these shops.

Puerto Portals - A Spanish Jewel Fit For A King 6

In the area surrounding the marina, there is everything a tourist could want depending on your needs, from tennis courts golf courses. The nearby city of Palma makes an excellent day trip away from the marina if you want to visit a few more mainstream, Palma is also the nearest airport to Puerto Portals, roughly a 20-minute drive away.

Puerto Portals is an absolute must-visit place for a summer break if you haven’t already sampled the delights it has to offer. Whether you are looking for a place to berth your yacht for a quick getaway or a luxury holiday away with the family, I can wholly recommend it to you all.

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