Escape the World at the Raffles Royal Residence in the Maldives

Escape the World at the Raffles Royal Residence in the Maldives

In our ongoing quest to uncover the very best places to escape from the stresses of modern life, we’ve found something exceptional. It is the newly unveiled ‘Raffles Royal Residence’ at the luxurious Maldives Meradhoo Resort.

We do not doubt that some of you reading this are itching to head off for a well-deserved reward. But there is still a major problem in the air, and we all know what that is! Although air bridges are regularly being closed, it’s still possible to get away for a well-earned break. However, finding somewhere you can head to without experiencing crowds of people is far from straightforward.

Fortunately, Raffles has come to the rescue with their Raffles Royal Residence at the Maldives Meradhoo Resort. This luxury resort has been open since 2019 and is located in the southernmost reach of the Maldives. It’s a truly idyllic place, and once you’ve read on, you’ll be left with no doubt that this is an ideal place to escape the stresses of the world.

The swimming pool at the Raffles Royal Residence

About the Raffles Royal Residence
The Royal Residence is a vast six-bedroom villa set upon an unblemished stretch of beach on a beautiful tropical paradise island. At 1,700 square metres, it is large enough to accommodate fifteen guests in complete comfort and has three adjoining reception rooms ideal for entertaining. These rooms border an incredible 40-metre swimming pool which overlooks the Raffles Royal Residence’s private beach. Are you starting to imagine the fun you can have yet?

Bedroom in the Raffles Royal Residence

The Singapore-based design house, BLINK was the company tasked with creating the interior of Raffles Royal Residence. Their clever minds have managed to blend tradition and elegance with the beauty with the Maldive’s maritime beauty.

The property has a colonial feel about it, and this is partly due to the louvred doors and striped monsoon blinds. The grey-blue shade seen throughout the property was specifically created for the Royal Residence, and even the upholstery has been given a bespoke touch with the infusion of coral patterns. The furniture within the Royal Residence was inspired by local sea life and around the property are sea-inspired decorations.

Raffles Royal Residence reception room interior

Although the thought of just staying at the residence and just enjoying its vast swimming pool will be strong, the lure of the crystal clear sea and its inhabitants should be too much for anyone to resist. The Maldives is known for its waters; they are one of the few places where you can experience the world’s most colour and rarest marine-life, sans the murkiness frequently found in other seas around the world.

Guests staying at the Raffles Royal Residence will be pleased to know that the resort has two house reefs and Meradhoo’s Marine Butlers will be available to lead you on guided explorations of the beautiful waters.

Dolphin spotting in the Maldives

The Royal Residence’s butler will be available at anytime day or night to facilitate private boat trips, meals under the flickering tiki lights, treatments at the overwater spa and much more. It sounds like one of those resorts where the only limits are one’s imagination.

Those planning on bringing some younger guests need not worry. The Raffles Maldives Meradhoo has a team of Children’s Butlers which can be enlisted to entertain the younger guests while you enjoy your experience of paradise. The island’s team of butlers can arrange pretty much anything from a surprise birthday party, a beach barbecue or even an exceptional celebration dinner. Whatever you need to make this your most memorable vacation, we’re quite sure they can make it happen.

Roof terrace at the Raffles Royal Residence in the Maldives

The Raffles Royal Residence is the type of place that will create a lifetime of memories. The thought of heading off to shaded palm trees and silky white sand with crystal clear waters is hard to resist. When you next switch on your TV to watch the news or open a newspaper, remind yourself that there are alternatives to where you are!

Raffles Royal Residence – Where and how?

For more information on the Raffles Maldives Meradhoo resort and the Royal residence, please visit

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