Range Rover’s 50th Celebrated with Henry Poole & Co Bespoke Jackets

Henry Poole & Co celebrates Range Rover 50th

If you are looking for an exclusively tailored jacket, Land Rover and Henry Poole & Co have collaborated to create one. Unique fabric designed to celebrate Fifty Years of the Range Rover has been woven to produce just fifty of the garments.

Henry Poole & Co the Saville Row bespoke tailor and Chief Design Officer Prof Gerry McGovern OBE from Land Rover has taken the exterior colour palette from the original 1970s Range Rovers and designed a cloth that is a homage to the fifty-year-old car. A dog-tooth check fabric has been woven incorporating Bahama Gold, Davos White and Tuscan Blue.

These colours are available on the Range Rover Fifty a model celebrating the Diamond anniversary of the iconic car. A limited-edition the Fifty will only have 1,970 units produced, to mark 1970 when the original Range Rover was launched. Equally, the jacket will only have 50 made, tailored to meet the client’s individual requirements.

Henry Poole & Co bespoke tailoring London

Only 120 metres of the lambswool cloth has been manufactured, just enough to meet the criteria to make 50 bespoke jackets. These will be available exclusively from Henry Poole & Co. The fabric has been woven in Somerset by cloth manufacturer Fox Brothers & Co Ltd.

The Range Rover Fifty expands on the luxurious Autobiography model, with bespoke accents on the exterior in Auric Atlas. Two unique 22-inch wheel designs are available, and each car has a handwritten ‘Fifty’ on the exterior and throughout the interior.

A plaque denoting the unique number of the vehicle sits in the centre console, so people can apply for ‘7 of 1970’ for example.

Prof Gerry McGovern OBE, Land Rover’s Chief Creative Officer said; “Both Henry Poole and Range Rover have a unique heritage and the ability to create highly desirable products. The exclusivity of both the Henry Poole jacket and the Range Rover Fifty edition make it a rarity which is something that appeals to both Henry Poole and Range Rover customers.”

Henry Poole & Co Range Rover 50th Jacket

Henry Poole & Co’s Managing Director, Simon Cundey, added: “It has been a fantastic opportunity to work with Gerry McGovern and develop a jacket to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Range Rover. The cloth has been inspired by a heritage colourway featuring a Tuscan Blue lining and Bahama Gold under-collar, yet designed to have a modern casual twist, which can also be worn with timeless elegance. The comfort that comes with Henry Poole pure bespoke completes the pinnacle of Savile Row tailoring.”

Celebrating 50 years of the Range Rover

The Range Rover could be defined as the original luxury SUV since its launch in 1970. Fifty years on Range Rovers are still highly desirable and long associated with members of the Royal family. All models share the DNA from the first vehicles created in a different era yet still stand the test of time.

Prices vary for the Range Rover Fifty depending on the engine chosen and detailing but you are looking at a starting price of £84000 for the Short Wheelbase model. £115000 for the Long Wheelbase variant.

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Range Rover's 50th Celebrated with Henry Poole & Co Bespoke Jackets 2


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