Rock And Roll Swagger Meets Urban Cool At The K West Hotel & Spa

Rock And Roll Swagger Meets Urban Cool At The K West Hotel & Spa

Luxurious Magazine reviews the K West Hotel & Spa

It’s hard to imagine that this striking glass-cube of a building is home to both a buzzy atmosphere of people enjoying a cocktail to the beat of the resident DJ in the lobby, and a serene spa that takes you to immediate bliss at the touch of an elevator button. But that’s exactly the mix you can expect at the K West Hotel & Spa.

K West Hotel & SpaYou can start your “Wet Spa Journey” as soon as you are given your fluffy robe and flip flops. The idea here is to create your own holistic journey by experiencing the number of elements on offer. A complete K Spa experience entails extreme changes between a shocking arctic blast with the Snow Paradise and sweltering heat from the saunas. The unique Finnish experience will certainly awake your senses in addition to stimulating body circulation and boosting the immune system. Resting in between is advised, not that you need encouragement once you see the inviting cosy cubbyholes to chill-out in.

Once you’ve indulged in chill-out time, as soon as you’re dressed, you can take your position at the laidback den that is the Studio Bar. The black granite bar is illuminated by two rather dazzling chandeliers and swathes of voile curtains. It attracts business and party people alike both during the day and evenings.

K West Hotel & Spa

But at the weekends, it draws in an exceptionally heady crowd no doubt to get carried away by the rousing beats pumped by the in-house DJ. It’s a great place to people watch while sipping on a cocktail whipped up by the talented mixologist.

Dining at the K West Hotel & SpaFood at The Studio Kitchen is very much brasserie-style so you can expect sandwiches, burgers and salads. The main menu offers a good contemporary British hearty meals like the grilled rib-eye steak, 48-hour cooked pork belly and a lemon and herb chicken. Chef Eduart Berisha likes to change up the gourmet dishes according to seasons but without the eye-watering price tag.

An overnight stay here is a must especially if you’ve overdone on those cocktails and need round two at the spa in the morning. The former BBC offices and recording studios have been turned into 219 guest rooms. The rooms are incredibly spacious with funky feature wallpaper, soft drapes and cosy bedding. This venue really is the ultimate rock and roll swagger meets urban cool.

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