Enjoy Your Christmas Pudding Gin With a Splash of Tonic

Enjoy Your Christmas Pudding Gin With a Splash of Tonic

People sitting around a table, crammed with food, crackers, drinks and full of festive spirit, this is a typical Christmas scene. This year try something non-typical with your meal, a delicious Christmas Pudding Gin from one of the hottest distilleries around, Sacred Spirits.

Sacred Spirits have won awards for lots of their drinks; they don’t set out to; they aim to produce the best tasting products customers will purchase again. One of their original ideas which lead the way with festive flavoured drinks is the Christmas Pudding Gin.

The Gin is dry and not too sweet or sticky like a real Christmas Pudding, so it remains light and crisp. Sacred Spirits distil the alcohol with real Christmas Puddings along with Christmassy botanicals. The puddings follow owner Ian’s Great Aunt Nellie’s recipe, which is touchingly attached on the bottle’s back label.

The company didn’t get the Gin correct straight away; they trialled with different ratios of ingredients. Finally, they made a vast 30lbs (or 14 kilos) of Christmas puddings, steamed them for eight hours, and they were then macerated with English grain spirit for two months and redistilled.

It makes a great G&T, Negroni or Martini (as served at top London restaurant Luca, last Christmas) and Brian Silva, head barman at Rules, London’s oldest restaurant, uses it for a beautiful cocktail called Aunt Nellie’s Tipple. Tasted neat you get a rich ‘cakey’ mouthfeel, candied peel and raisins are at the forefront of this Gin, which might be taken as a shot from the freezer instead of Christmas Pudding, lengthened with a dash of tonic, or mixed into any festive cocktail.

Sacred Hamper with Christmas Pudding Gin

Sacred Spirits this year have created two luxury Christmas Hampers both containing a bottle of the Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin. Lots of lovely foods accompany other spirits from the company in the wicker hampers.

I tasted the Christmas Pudding Gin neat, with flavoured tonics and some shaken not stirred cocktails. It goes so well with desserts as well as cheese and crackers. You will be surprised when drinking the Gin as you do get all the spices and fruit flavours of a Christmas Pudding so all I can say is buy some and have a wonderful festive period.

Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin – Where and How?

The Christmas Pudding Gin is available to purchase from https://sacredgin.com and is currently priced at £33.95 a bottle.

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Enjoy Your Christmas Pudding Gin With a Splash of Tonic 2


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