Samujana Villas in Koh Samui are a Perfect Place to Escape the World

Koh Samui's Samujana Estate Brings a Breath of Fresh Air to the Island

The events of this year have caused many to crave pastures new, somewhere to head to where they can switch off from the world. The villas at Thailand’s Samujana Estate in Koh Samui seems to tick all the required boxes and is a place where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living have been deliberately blurred.

Thailand has consistently been near the top of people’s travel wish-lists for decades. It is an extraordinary country offering incredible beauty, history, culture and of course, the opportunity to experience island life.

The two most prominent islands in the country provide everything that one would need; these are Phuket and Koh Samui. It’s often said that Phuket is becoming a bit too crowded; however, it is a little different when it comes to Koh Samui. In this article, we’re taking a look at what the island’s Samujana Estate offers for those seeking somewhere to switch off and recharge their internal batteries.

The open plan dining area inside one of the villa's

The award-winning architect behind the Samujana Estate is Gary Fell, and the good news is he’s no stranger when it comes to creating tropical villas. When designing Samujana’s, one thing that he didn’t envisage was a global pandemic. Fortunately, Gary already had it in his mind that he wanted to create properties with tranquil and private spaces which offered masses of fresh air by blurring the boundaries between outdoor and indoor living.

The outside terrace and infinity pool at the Samujana

The 27 individually designed villas in the Samujana Estate have terraced landscaped rooftops allowing them to disappear into the hillside seamlessly. These grassed rooftop gardens, when viewed from afar, are not too dissimilar to stepped paddy fields. They also provide a canopy and shade for the sunken living rooms, open-air dining rooms and kitchen below.

The Paddy-Style terraces at the villas were not only created for visual impact, but they also increase natural ventilation. With people’s strong desire to socialise safely, the increased fresh air circulation is an unexpected bonus for guests given what’s happened this year.

The open plan spaces overlook the infinity pool at the villa

Gary wanted to create a discreet urban jungle through the integration of nature into the villas design. To help achieve this, the open plan living spaces overlook each villas infinity pool and provides terrific views of the Gulf of Thailand and the private Chaweng Beach below.

Another thing inspiring Gary was the massive rock outcrops around the estate. He chose to incorporate them into the design of the villas, using them as anchors and thus becoming an actual part of the property.

The exterior landscaping at the Samujana Estate was placed in the highly-experienced hands of the Bali Landscape Company. To create the feeling of even more space at each villa, they’ve done away with the need for compound walls and fencing. They also paid particular attention to water features which were designed to encourage air movement through evaporation.

Creating the ideal environment inside each villa is a key aspect of their design. Indoor areas such as bedrooms have sliding glass doors, this in addition to the ever essential air-conditioning will allow guests to create the perfect ambience.

The view over the sea from one of the villa's

The villas offer between one and eight bedrooms and are supported by Villa Manager and villa maid. The team at Samujana are offering 5-star hotel services at somewhere you can consider your home away from home. You’ll even have the option of a private chef which will allow you to do little more than put your feet up, enjoy the private beach and take in the incredible views.

The designers have sought to include something for everyone. Depending on which villa you opt for, in some, there are dedicated meeting areas, while many have fully-equipped gyms, private cinemas, Jacuzzis and even a games room.

Samujana Villas in Koh Samui are a Perfect Place to Escape the World 4
In the current climate, we would urge all travellers to follow the travel advice given by their respective governments. During the current Pandemic, Thailand has consistently ranked first in the Global COVID-19 Index. In light of this, John Dopéré, Director of Samujana, has stated that he is confident that the Samujana can provide a safe and relaxing break for its guests and the design of the villas and the facilities will provide the perfect social-distancing holiday.
Samujana Villas in Koh Samui are a Perfect Place to Escape the World 4

New 90-Day Visa for Tourists
Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has announced a new 90-day visa for long-stay tourists. This new visa will be the first stage in the reopening of the tourism sector in the country.

Samujana – Where and how?

For more information on rentals at Samujana, visit or telephone +66 (0)77 423 465. You can experience a 360-degree tour of the villas here.

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Samujana Villas in Koh Samui are a Perfect Place to Escape the World 4


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