Scavolini’s BoxLife Will Make Your World Seem a Whole Lot Bigger

Scavolini's BoxLife Will Make Your World Seem a Whole Lot Bigger

Some people have the luxury of space within their homes; others, particularly those living in expensive major cities, often don’t. Scavolini’s BoxLife is set to make small property living far more practical. By simply opening a few doors, your world will seem a whole lot bigger.

We’ve all seen news stories of people paying vast sums of money for a tiny space to live. Former garages turned into micro-flats and small single rooms becoming a studio flat. Sadly, this is the trade-off you need to make if you want to live in a major built-up city such as London, New York and Tokyo.

In many of the worlds leading cities, property is based upon price per foot, and one’s budget dictates whether where you live will be somewhere large or small. For those living in a small area, it can be both frustrating and impractical. But, this looks like it’s all about to change.

Scavolini has partnered with Yorgo Lykouria, creative director of Rainlight Studio on a new collection called BoxLife and it’s set to change the way we look at life in a small space.

Scavolini's BoxLife transforming into a bedroom

Boxlife conjures up thoughts from of the C.S Lewis book, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and it’s the wardrobe that’s the direct link. It is a modular system that looks like an everyday, high-end wardrobe system. But, BoxLife has some very special features behind its doors. It allows small spaces to easily transform from a sleeping area to a kitchen, office and even a dining room – and its biggest selling point is it all takes place within the same footprint.

With regards to sleep, there’s a choice between a double or single bed or even bunk beds. The beds can be manual or motorised and the surrounding furniture is equipped with lighting and a wardrobe with pull-out racks, rails and shelving.

Scavolini's BoxLife transforming into a kitchen

Central to the design concept are retractable and sliding doors. These are used to reveal or conceal elements as and when they are required. For example, if the kitchen is not in use, you can hide it behind closed doors so that it morphs into a space to relax. Similarly, if you don’t want your TV to dominate whilst dining with family and friends, BoxLife makes it possible to slide the doors shut.

The kitchen area offers ample storage and all modern conveniences

In addition to the launch of BoxLife, Scavolini is launching the new Boxi kitchen. Defined by 22mm-thick doors with handles cut in at 45 degrees and a wealth of open and closed storage options, The colour and style-conscious among you will also be pleased to know that it is available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Boxi can also be specified separately from the BoxLife system for larger spaces where the kitchen doesn’t need to be hidden away.

Yorgo Lykouria, Founder & Creative Director of Rainlight Studio said, “BoxLife is designed to accommodate a variety of needs; a timely requirement of today’s modern living spaces which call for limitless adaptability.

BoxLife is a system that adapts to many applications, from large lofts to small studio flats. It allows the same space to simultaneously serve as a place to cook, work, sleep, do your laundry, store your wardrobe, and to relax. Furthermore, BoxLife allows all these components to coexist harmoniously with one another.”

There is ample storage space in the BoxLife bedroom module

The BoxLife system opens up a wealth of possibilities for life in a small living space. There’s no need to head home with a glum look on your face. Instead, you can invite guests around and enjoy some entertainment. Life living in a small space will never seem the same.

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Scavolini's BoxLife Will Make Your World Seem a Whole Lot Bigger 2


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