Swarovski’s Crystal Creation Collection Celebrates 40 Years of Sparkle

Swarovski Crystal Creation Collection Celebrates 40 Years of Sparkle

Ong Chin Huat takes a look at three very special pieces from the Swarovski Crystal Creation Collection specially created to celebrate the collection’s 40th anniversary

Adding sparkle and glamour to any home, Swarovski not only lights you the fingers and décolleté of beautiful women around the world but also decorates their home with their magic. This year makes the 40th anniversary of Swarovski’s Crystal Creations Collection and it’s a boon for lovers and collectors of Swarovski objects and figurines worldwide as this esteemed crystal house has come up with three one-of-a-kind objects which will definitely create excitement among Swarovski aficionados.

Swarovski's Crystal Creation Collection Celebrates 40 Years of Sparkle 2

A pair of Carmine Bee Eaters is decorated by hand with 52,888 crystals in a variety of rainbow colours and sent in Swarovski’s exclusive Pointiage technique to ensure maximum brilliance. Limited to only 400 pieces, this work of art is designed by Juan Ignacio Aliena and took a total of 450 hours to complete. This is the first Crystal Myriad design to feature a pair of love bird and thus making it a highly coveted and in-demand collector’s item.

Swarovski Crystal Swan

The iconic swan, which has been Swarovski’s logo since 1989 is now available to collectors who wish to celebrate the Crystal Creation Collection reminiscent of Swarovski’s exacting craftsmanship and heritage. Crafted from a single piece of shimmering clear crystal, this timeless and classical piece will add class and sophistication to any home.

Swarovski Sweetest Memories

Inspired by Swarovski’s very first figurine, the Original Mouse is part of whimsical Limited Edition ornaments which comes in a set of three in pink, blue and yellow crystal. The original version was created in 1976 when an employee joined several chandelier parts to create this delightful piece. Adding a touch of playfulness to any home, this set of three mice is a must for any serious Swarovski collector worth his or her crystal!

Swarovski Crystal Creation Collection – Where and how

For further information, please visit www.swarovskigroup.com

Swarovski Crystal Celebrates 40 Years

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