To Meet the ‘Kneads’ of the People, The Big Bake is Returning

To Meet the 'Kneads' of the People, The Big Bake is Returning

The Big Bake is returning to London and Birmingham and to re-affirm the organisers’ commitment to health, Adam Chaudhri, Sasha Savants and Aimee Edwards cut into a two-meter long cake to emphasise social distancing.

From the 4th July, the Big Bakes team are reopening their famous marquees in Birmingham and London with a distinct focus towards guests health and safety.

To celebrate, a 2-metre cake was baked to reconfirm the organisers’ commitment to the correct social distancing. The honour of cutting the first slice went to the Adam Chaudhri. Hopefully, his co-founder Eloise Frank was given the honour of first taste!

Adam Chaudri cutting the cake at The Big Bake

What visitors can expect
Inside the light and airy marquees will be twelve separate baking stations with everything you’ll need to put your lockdown-honed baking skills to the test. Whether it’s London or Birmingham, it will be a great day out for the whole family.

The Big Bake experience is led by a team of professional patisserie chefs who will be guiding all the budding bakers and providing tips on the right ingredients to make the most delicious bakes.

The Big Bake’s first started in 2017 and since then has proven to be incredibly popular with more than 60,000 people choosing to refine their whisking skills. This summer is set to continue the same vein. With people now being aware of what’s required to keep them out of harm’s way, they can simply concentrate on having fun and cooking.

To Meet the 'Kneads' of the People, The Big Bake is Returning 3

To ensure that the participants remain healthy, the Big Bake has introduced the following:

  • The baking takes place in airy, ventilated marquees
  • Individual bake stations are spaced over 2 meters apart
  • As a live kitchen, it is one of the cleanest places around with a 5-star hygiene rating
  • Everyone has their own kit, equipment and ingredients

Co-Founders Adam Chaudhri and Eloise Frank said: “We feel luckier than most that our events have always been such spacious places. We have taken all the steps to make us one of the safest experientials around. With separate baking stations, a huge airy venue and our specially trained team keeping everything in tip-top and clean condition, we know customers will have the best day out with none of the worry.

And we supply everything, from the ingredients, decorations and aprons to all the hand sanitiser and face masks you could possibly need. We really can’t wait to give family and friends the opportunity to reconnect in a fun environment and get baking.”

What To Expect From Your Big Baking Experience In July:

  • 0 x experience needed
  • 1 x awesome marquee
  • 10 x cooking stations
  • 10 x teams of 2
  • Add a dash of competition
  • Set the timer to 90 minutes
  • Customise with our creation corner
  • Stir in a slice of creativity
  • And when the time’s up, the winning team is crowned

If you have the appetite for a fun day’s baking, you can take part in either London or Birmingham at or

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To Meet the 'Kneads' of the People, The Big Bake is Returning 4


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