The Brown + Hudson Ultimate Rich List of Destinations Revealed

The Brown + Hudson Ultimate Rich List of Destinations Revealed. Brazil - by Marco Scavone

The rich and famous are seeking something truly different when they travel abroad. From Arctic fishing to Amazonian treks, secluded beach retreats to monastic hospitality, Brown + Hudson reveals this year’s ultimate rich list of destinations.

Tromsø, Norway
Nestled within the Arctic Circle is the small but vibrant Norwegian city of Tromsø, the country’s top luxury destination. In the winter, Tromsø is the perfect peaceful retreat, with the more adventurous traveller able to enjoy bespoke ice camps and polar bear spotting. Once the summer months arrive, deep sea fishing for giant cod and halibut on the nearby island of Sørøya is exhilarating.

The stunning and vast landscapes of Patagonia offer arguably the most breathtaking experience in South America. Spanning Chile and Argentina, ultimately remote and brimming with flora and fauna, the region is prime for the undaunted explorer. Fly fishing and wildlife tracking adventures from properties like Awasi are essential. Top of the list for adrenaline junkies however, is heli-hiking to explore previously inaccessible locations.

For a mixture of culture, exclusivity and adventure, many lucky travellers jet to Lima. As Latin America’s culinary capital, there are opportunities to cook and dine with celebrity chefs. Venturing out of the metropolis, taking a helicopter over private ruins and meeting indigenous Amazonian communities are unforgettable experiences. Equally, a private trek through the Andes with National Geographic explorers serves to underline the area’s incredible natural diversity. The super fortunate may even get the chance to see unique shamanic rituals first hand.

Puglia, Italy
Forming the heel of Italy, Puglia is the other European destination to earn a place in the rich list. Naturally, the food is exquisite, the pace of life relaxing and the surrounding area alluring. The Adriatic and Ionian seas provide some of the most stunning swimming waters along a coastline marked with history of centuries of foreign invaders. For travellers looking for a plush break just a couple of hours’ flight time from the UK, Southern Italy has so much to give.

Escaping the buzz of the World Cup and forthcoming Olympics, Brazil remains a place to see and be seen. The most exclusive accommodation can be reached via private jet along the coast, with hillside villas, private schooners and design hotels aplenty. It is travellers who tour the secret beaches and peninsulas of hideaways such as Paraty and Buzios who discover the gems in Brazil’s crown.

The ancestral home of Safari, Kenya is home to much more than just the “Big Five”. Forging a cultural connection with the Samburu people and venturing further south to the Borana Conservancy are at the heart of what Kenya has to offer. Secluded lodges and camps such as Richard’s camp in the Masai Mara and the ultra-exclusive Sirai House are top of the list for wealthy visitors.

Looking beyond the traditional safari, neighbouring Uganda is the source of rarer wildlife experiences. A morning trek into the jungle to seek out a band of the country’s 880 mountain gorillas is something only a lucky few will ever witness. Furthermore, meeting expert conservationists from the World Wide Fund For Nature is a privilege which offers valuable insights into these incredible and endangered creatures and how we can help to protect them.

New on the rich list of destinations is Mozambique. Swimming with cultural heritage, the most luxurious properties are actually found offshore on the Bazaruto Archippelago. With the rest of southern Africa providing opportunities for more active pursuits, a private island serves up the stunning setting and tranquility required at the end of an extended trip through the continent.

Each year only a few thousand of the most fortunate travellers enter the mountain kingdom of Bhutan. Its remote and pristine borders are the gateway to a land of welcoming Buddhist monks, and a gentle trek up to the Taktsang Palphug Monastery reveals a completely remarkable way of life. Despite luxury travel in the area being in its infancy, there is no shortage of luxury accommodation, with the Amankora hotel being a favoured spot.

With much more to offer than just its delicious cuisine, Vietnam is a country brimming with Southeast Asian energy. Its bustling cities are driven by a new economy and are complemented by pristine beaches, the limestone islands of Halong Bay and Hue’s ancient tombs. For opulent accommodation in Hanoi, the French colonial-style Hotel Metropole near Hoan Kiem Lake and the magnificent Opera House is the choice pick.

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The Brown + Hudson Ultimate Rich List of Destinations Revealed

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