The Top Tending Smart Gadgets in 2021 According to TikTok

The Top Tending Smart Gadgets in 2021 According to TikTok

Social media platforms such as TikTok are inspiring people around the world to get up and do something, and one of the most popular things people have engaged with is home improvements. In this guide, we’re looking at which are the top trending smart gadgets on the highly popular TikTok platform.

After a year of being at home more than we’re used to, most of us have realised the importance of comfort, convenience and beautiful décor when it comes to our properties. In a nutshell, we have all learned to appreciate the spaces where we live.

It’s perhaps, therefore, little surprise that UK homeowners have spent on average £4,000 on home renovations since the first lockdown started in March, bringing the total spent across the country to a vast £55 billion*.

This doesn’t, however, mean that only significant changes can make a difference in how you feel about your home. Minor upgrades can, too, have a positive impact on the overall feel of your home, with social media platforms flooded with DIYs and product suggestions to help along the way.

Smart gadgets for the home have risen in popularity over recent years as they can improve both the convenience and safety of our homes while also giving the space a contemporary feel. The use of smart home gadgets has increased further in recent months due to various viral content across the Tik Tok platform, with everything from remote lamp-dimming to smart vacuuming seen as making home-life easier.

Controlling the house from a tablet PC

Thankfully, we didn’t have to do the research ourselves. Fortunately for us, those nice people at the Smart Home Device Specialist, Somfy, have done all the leg work and provided us with what are the top trending smart gadgets that you need, according to Tik Tok right now.

The Smart Door Lock
A smart door lock allows you to see whoever is at your door, set up an automated system to lock at certain times, and even give your guests a unique code to get when you are out. Gone are the days of leaving the house worried about whether you locked the door or not, as this app allows you to control the lock from anywhere, at any time.

Improving security is not the only reason for upgrading; the modern and sleek design of this smart lock has also caught the attention of Tik Tok fans, with over 55.6 million people using the hashtag and interacting with trending videos.

The Curtains Switchbot
Who said that your beloved old curtains couldn’t become smart overnight? This high-tech switchbot attaches to the pole of your curtains and allows you to control the opening and closing from wherever you’re sat in the house with the click of a simple remote or, even techier, from your phone. You can also set up voice control settings, linking the automated motion to your voice command – it doesn’t get any easier!

The Smart Lamp Dimmer Switch
Table lamps are a lovely addition to a room, but automated dimming table lamps are oh-so-cool. Smart lamps can be quite a significant jump in price from a traditional one. However, this device can transform any existing lamp you have into a smart one in an instant. All it takes is plugging it into this dimmer switch, and the lighting can be easily controlled from any part of the house using a remote control or simply via your phone.

The Smart Button Pusher
This little smart gadget brings convenience to a new level! Set this smart button-pusher next to your light switch or even coffee machine, and you won’t even have to get out of bed before your coffee gets ready in the mornings. All controlled from your phone, from the comfort of your bedroom!

Electronic Vacuumed Containers
With money-saving hacks and cutting down on food waste being significant trends of the past year, it is no surprise that people are obsessing over new ways to store food for longer. These electronic vacuumed containers allow food to stay fresh for significantly longer periods of time due to automatically removing all air completely from the sealed recipient, which in turn prolongs the expiry dates and helps with meal prep.

The Sleep Light Therapy Light
The ease with which you can fall asleep and wake up has a big impact on your sleep quality and your energy and mood throughout the day. If this is something you’re looking to improve, a smart light therapy lamp might be the perfect first step. This smart device adjusts the different sunset and sunrise lighting depending on the room and time of the day, as well as offering a variety of calming nature sounds that make for the perfect wake up alarm.

The Smart Toaster
From the smart kitchen gadgets category, we couldn’t help but mention this innovative toaster that allows you to see all the possible pastries in all the different toast levels you could ever wish for. As well as having a slick touchscreen display, you can also choose a setting depending on the type of pastry for reheating from cold, frozen or fresh.

The Fragrance Diffuser
The smell you sense when entering a room can change the entire ambience and feel of the space, and with everyone spending increased time inside over the past 12 months, it is safe to say the diffuser has been a true favourite for many. To ensure a constant feeling of freshness, you can adjust the perfume intensity, swap between fragrances as well as customise the schedules at any point automatically. It also comes with a range of light colours that add a visual effect for extra ambience.

Smart Vacuum and Mop
Perhaps some of the handiest smart gadgets you can own are the ones that can do a part of the house cleaning for you. And for those now struggling to find the time for day-to-day chores, this 2-in-1 vacuum and mop is an absolute game changer!

It maps out the entire surface of your house, and depending on the setting that you need; you can use the vacuum mode or the mop mode. It transitions smoothly from one type of floor to another, and when the mop gets dirty, it automatically comes back to its water container to clean it – what a dream!

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