Triumph’s 900cc Street Scrambler Heads the Trail of Followers

Triumph's 900cc Street Scrambler Heads the Trail of Followers

Riding on the South Downs with clear blue skies all around, I couldn’t be in a better place or on a better motorcycle. I’m astride the Triumph Street Scrambler 900cc model which is providing lots of fun and giving me confidence on the dirt trails.

In stunning Sussex with beautiful views out to the English Channel on one side and towards London on the other, I am riding on trails I first encountered aged 11. Now I am on the Triumph Street Scrambler, which is giving me the same buzz as I had as a child, and it is incredible to have this feeling.

The 900cc is the smaller model in the Street Scrambler range with the 1200cc as top version both offer excellent on and off-road riding. At £9300 the 900cc is good value for money, it was updated in 2019 with new technology, the bike may look retro, but it is truly modern in design and build.

A closeup view of the bikes engine and exhaust

Triumph have improved power and performance with the Bonneville engine now producing 65PS up 18% on the previous model. To meet the increase in power the bike has upgraded Brembo brakes and suspension. As I mentioned, the Scrambler looks like a Triumph of the 1950s with classic wire-spoked wheels, and the recognisable functional twin exhaust system sat high up on the frame.

This is a deliberate look as other makers such as Ducati and BMW produced their own Scramblers proving so popular with their customers and other motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Street Scrambler parked by an English beach

Creative design has allowed Triumph to build in the latest technology to the Scrambler harmonising smoothly with the retro looks. Leading-edge riding modes combined with a ride-by-wire system help the rider seamlessly control power to the rear wheel. This allows for confidence when venturing off-road and also when in Rain Mode on the road, you have less risk of wheelspin.

The speedometer on the Scrambler

A couple of other modern fittings are a USB charging socket and a security immobiliser feature on the newest Scrambler. A digital display is incorporated within the original look round Speedometer retaining the style of the 1950s and character of the bike.

The Street Scrambler is a pleasure to ride and bags of fun. It can be used for everyday use if you wish, touring with the addition of panniers and most definitely green lane riding. The riding position is spot on, allowing for all types of use, comfortable for long road trips and balanced for when you hit the trails. For serious off-roading, you will need specific tyres, as I had ones more suitable for road use, which are limiting.

The 14l tank allows for a realistic 150 miles at the stated 68mpg fuel economy, and the Scrambler is quite happy sitting at 70mph for a couple of hours on Motorways and A roads. Even though this is a “Naked” bike by definition, I was not hampered by the wind, although any speed over 70mph might become a bit more unpleasant and blustery.

A side view of the Street Scrambler parked in a field

The Triumph Street Scrambler has been one of the motorcycles I have been waiting a long time to ride, and I have not been disappointed. In fact, I was thrilled.

It took me back to my first outings on a bike, reconnecting me with why I love motorcycling so much. There have not been many bikes recently that have done this.

Triumph Street Scrambler – Where and How?

The current prices for the Triumph Street Scrambler start at £9300. For more information on Triumph’s incredible legacy, this model, available accessories and other models in the current Triumph lineup, visit their official website at

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Triumph's 900cc Street Scrambler Heads the Trail of Followers 2


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