Twisted’s British Made 650hp NA-V8 is the G-Wagen’s Worst Nightmare

Twisted's British Made 650hp NA-V8 is the G-Wagen's Worst Nightmare

The 650 hp Twisted NA-V8 is just one of a wide range of incredible bespoke vehicles based on the timeless British Defender®. Over the next five years, Twisted Automotive has some big plans for their high-end, low-volume beasts which are aimed squarely at the G-Class/G-Wagen and other frankly forgettable European SUVs.

It is always a pleasure to write about a brand that does things its own specific way. Twisted Automotive create vehicles designed to please the driver and not people with a media-driven view of the world; many of which still are yet to pass their driving tests.

I’ll admit, I am a fan of Twisted Automotive and before people start shouting ‘more vehicles – what about the environment?’; settle down; they are launching an all-electric version later this year so, once you’ve read this, feel free to get back to your yoga and crystals.

To me, Twisted Automotive is a brand that embraces social convention, and says “you’re entitled to your opinion, but we’ll be doing things our way”. Just as importantly, they’re doing an excellent job in keeping alive the legacy of the Defender®, one of the most iconic vehicles ever made.

Twisted Automotive NA-V8 90 Station Wagon

Twisted's British Made 650hp NA-V8 is the G-Wagen's Worst Nightmare 4
In this day and age, they’re one of those rare brands that wears its heart on its sleeve. They not only produced an incredible motor vehicle in their 650hp NA-V8, they also are not shy about stating it is designed to take down the G-Wagen. It’s a bit like David vs Goliath and like that epic battle, the hearts and minds of the people are not going to be cheering for the big guy.
Twisted's British Made 650hp NA-V8 is the G-Wagen's Worst Nightmare 4

One of the first things to understand about Twisted is their vehicles are a world away from many people’s standard vision of an SUV. Each of their creations is hand-built with meticulous attention to detail, along with being individually numbered.

Twisted Automotive NA-V8

Twisted is out to create the best luxury SUV money can buy so bear in mind; the price tag will reflect this.

Over the next five years, they’re aiming to produce 200 vehicles with top-level technical specs targetting the North American market.

The original British Defender® has cemented a place in the top-ten listed of the world’s most iconic vehicles, but let’s be honest, it was rather lacking when it comes to gadgets and refinement. This is not the case with the Twisted variants.

The interior of the Twisted Automotive NA-V8
The interior of the Twisted Automotive NA-V8.

For example, inside NA-V8 you’ll find a bespoke built Italian-designed audio system, touch screen infotainment and navigation, front and rear-facing cameras, cruise control, parking and blind-spot sensors, cabin-wide air-conditioning, Heated & cooled Recaro® seats, liberal sound-proofing and a lot more.

As much a people will enjoy the luxury and gadgets, we know that many of our readers will be eager to know what’s under the bonnet. In standard form, the NA-V8 has a 6.2 LT1 V8 engine made famous through the Chevrolet Corvette. This engine delivers 455 horsepower and can be mated to either an automatic or manual transmission.

Some of you might be thinking, ‘nope, I want more’. If you’re one of these people then perhaps a 6.2 LT4 V8 engine that pushes out more than 650 horsepower will be more suitable?

So, what’s in the Twisted lineup?

The NA-V8 110 Station Wagon:
This is the original any-place, any-time, any-way vehicle. It has a long-wheelbase and can seat up to seven. This is a highly capable vehicle capable of traversing rough terrain but is just as happy taking the family out on a picnic.

NA-V8 90 Soft-Top:
If you’re a sun-worshipper, this is the vehicle for you. And, should the weather take a turn for the worse, pull over and put the roof up – easy!

NA-V8 90 Station Wagon:
This is similar to the NA-V8 110 but with a short-wheelbase. This is probably going to be the choice of the high-flying city-dweller looking to make a statement. It’s an ideal middle-ground vehicle and is suitable for everyday travel.

NA-V8 110 Double Cab:
This is an instantly recognisable vehicle thanks to a certain fictional British secret agent. It’s an icon of cool and is still today incredibly popular.

NA-V8 130 Pickup:
This is the largest vehicle in the range and can take a one-ton payload on its rear-bed.

Twisted Automotive NA V8 camping

Each vehicle benefits from a 24-month warranty and takes approximately six months. Limited test drives are available; more information and prices can be found at

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Twisted's British Made 650hp NA-V8 is the G-Wagen's Worst Nightmare 4


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