Alex Martin talks to us about Quinte Club in KL

Alex Martin talks to us about Quinte Club in KL 4Hi Alex and thanks for taking the time out to talk to us about your new KL club QUINTE. It must be both an exciting and busy time for you, having never launched a club myself I can only imagine how much work you have to go through!

Luxurious Magazine: First things first, when is the official launch date of the Quinte club in Kuala Lumpur?
Alex: We are planning it to be the 27th of Jan

Luxurious Magazine: Tell us about the club, the inspiration/style and what sector of the market you are targetting
Alex: would say the decor style is a mix.. a little old parisian and modern contemporary. Lots of candles, and thick fabric. We got the name Quinte as the root word of Quintessential or the 5 basic, which is what we aim to provide at the club. A venue that would ignite the 5 senses.

Luxurious Magazine: What type of music will you be playing and will you have a resident or guest DJs?
Alex: The music policy is house. From a chill house to deep progressive and tech house. we have guest dj’s daily, Rob Nutek (UK) on wednesdays, Rekha Lekha & Adam Cooper (UK) on thursday, Mickey McLean (Scott) on Fridays and Glynn Tandy (UK) on Saturdays.

Luxurious Magazine: Explain to us the layout of Quinte club
Alex: its on the second floor with the staircase in the middle, Dj console in the corner. The room is open. Private womens only lounge attached to the female restroom.

Luxurious Magazine: What sort of refreshments will be available?
Alex: its a full bar, we push more towards Champagne, we carry a range of spiritsm from patron to dom perignons. We have in the pipeline to bring in ‘Ace of Spades’ and a few more niche brands.

Luxurious Magazine: Are there anything that clubbers need to know in advance, such as dress code, pre-booking?
Alex: Dress code for quinte, semi formal, guys gotta be in proper shoes and a shirt. For the ladies, strictly no flats or sandals. Its best to get your bookings done early especially if you like your own little area.

Luxurious Magazine: What motivated you to create high end clubs?
Alex: Well when we started desire we aimed it towards the middle class working adults that know how to enjoy good music, good food and a good venue. Then when i had some business partners who came down from Hong Kong, they wanted a more exclusive venue, a venue where the guests would be selected to enter – a posh nightclub, like Heart in Munich, Mint in Shanghai and the imperia lounge in Moscow.
So we opened ‘Quinte Kuala Lumpur’

Luxurious Magazine: How many clubs do you have now and are there any plans to increase on this?
Alex: We currently have two clubs, there are plans to create more, we currently working on a few concepts.

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