Aston Martin’s UNIQUE Triplex Penthouse is Unveiled in a Book of Fine Art

Aston Martin's UNIQUE Triplex Penthouse is Unveiled in a Book of Fine Art

Unveiling one of the world’s most spectacular contemporary properties to the world is no easy task, particularly one with the name UNIQUE. Aston Martin has chosen to do it via an exclusive book featuring works by artists-in-residence who reveal some extraordinary interiors, accentuating the incredible architecture.

When it concerns anything to do with the Aston Martin name, you can rest assured it will involve quality. However, quality does come at a price. Aston Martin Residences in Miami has just released details of its first-ever triplex penthouse, and it can be yours for $59 Million; however, that price does include one of only 24 Vulcan race cars, which is valued at $3.2 Million in its own right.

A side view of the Triplex's three floors

The Aston Martin Residences in Miami is a collaboration between G&G Business Developments and the well-known automotive manufacturer. The development extends over 66 floors and contains 391 residential units, which range in size from 698 sqft up to a triplex penthouse (UNIQUE). It is this property that is the focus of this piece, and to whet your appetite; it extends across a staggering 27,191 sqft, divided between 19,868 sqft of interior space with 7,323 sqft of exterior space and houses seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a gym, a spa and more.

The front cover of the limited edition book

Rather than go down the traditional route and befitting a property of this magnitude, Aston Martin chose to unveil UNIQUE via an exclusive book of fine art, with contributions from globally renowned artists-in-residence. The book reveals never-before-seen Aston Martin interiors within a spectacular 80-page coffee table-style compendium.

Art is built into the fabric of the Aston Martin Residences in Miami. The newly launched Aston Martin leather-bound book is being presented ahead of the permanent art gallery opening on the 52nd floor, which launched virtually in 2021 with British artist and acclaimed photographer Julian Lennon presenting an exclusive exhibition of hand-picked images from his personal collections.

The exquisite book of art, measuring 20 x 20, tells the story of the UNIQUE Triplex Penthouse at the pinnacle of Aston Martin Residences through paintings, sculptures, music, and poetry.

One of the extraordinary art pieces that could appear in the property

It contains exclusive and original pieces from vibrant global artists who share their impressions and interpretations of the luxurious development, including:

  • Peter McLennan & Gregg Emery (U.S.) with Creating a Masterpiece One Brushstroke at a Time
  • Aaron Schwartz (U.S.) with ‘A Kaleidoscope Point of View’
  • Fabio Mesa (Colombia) with ‘The Dreamers’
  • Robi Walters (U.K.) with ‘You’ll Know When You Get There’
  • Michele Utley Voigt (U.S) with ‘Aquasitions’

Nestled amongst the book’s pages are renders bought to life by artists who have added their own perspectives to create new works of art.

Fabio Mesa's The Dreamers artwork

One example is Fabio Mesa’s vision of the triplex’s upper terrace and private pool. Using his abstract artistic technique of oil and acrylic on canvas, an explosion of blue, white, yellow, and orange illustrates the epic ocean view with the sun setting on the horizon.

Elsewhere in the book, automotive photographer Rafael Delceggio brings the rare Aston Martin Vulcan that complements the triplex penthouse to life with a series of images highlighting the supercar’s uncompromising design.

For G&G, beauty is visible music, and the remarkable book features a Q.R. code linked to an exclusive original score recorded by a ten-piece orchestra. The stirring symphony takes its inspiration from the views from the UNIQUE penthouse.

Aaron Schwartz's “A Kaleidoscope Point of View”

Germán Coto, CEO of G&G Business Developments, said, “Art is intrinsically linked with the Aston Martin Residences. Our owners will be able to immerse themselves in an ever-changing canvas of contemporary artwork in the gallery on the 52nd floor. The art book we’ve created contains exclusive images. It’s a permanent record inspired by the UNIQUE penthouse, and we expect it to be an object of desire for those who appreciate the unrepeatable.”

The book is limited to just 150 copies and is an elaborate work of art itself; the handcrafted leather-bound volume is set to become a collector’s edition. The final six pages are left intentionally blank, and the story of the first owner and their journey to calling the UNIQUE triplex home will be handwritten by a calligrapher before the book is bestowed.

Presented on a bespoke lectern designed by Aston Martin to reflect the shape of the building, the art book and the lectern together form a unique sculptural piece.

Accessed via a private elevator and located over three full floors at the top of the Aston Martin Residences in Miami, the UNIQUE penthouse is the perfect luxury home with optimal light, breathtaking ocean, river and city views, and complete privacy.

The luxurious and spacious family kitchen

As mentioned at the beginning of this piece, UNIQUE is priced at $59 million. The triplex penthouse features a wrap-around terrace on each floor and a private pool, gym, spa and custom-built garage. This unparalleled residence is the ultimate expression of Aston Martin design, luxury, and the art of living beautifully.

Aston Martin's UNIQUE Triplex Penthouse is Unveiled in a Book of Fine Art 3

The owner of the UNIQUE Triplex Penthouse will also receive the last remaining Aston Martin Vulcan race car, a 7.0-litre V12 820bhp, all-carbon fibre supercar valued at $3.2 Million. The limited edition iconic piece of automotive art is engineered for track driving only and comes with its own climate-controlled garage.

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The renderings of UNIQUE are courtesy of Aston Martin Residences.

Aston Martin's UNIQUE Triplex Penthouse is Unveiled in a Book of Fine Art 4

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