The AU-Lens from Ausounds Will Be Sweet Music to the Eyes and Ears

The AU-Lens from Ausounds Will Be Sweet Music to the Eyes and Ears

The renowned LA-based audio product specialists Ausounds is seeking to add some extra fun and style to summer with their soon-to-be-launched AU-Lens audio sunglasses.

Sunglasses with built-in audio could be the must-have product for those bright sunny summer days. The concept is not a new one to the market. There’s been an assortment of attempts to produce the perfect sunglasses/audio combo over recent years. However, this time, there is a big difference; it is being done by a company that knows more than a thing or two about audio and utilises some very special audio technology.

In theory, the AU-Lens sunglasses sounds like the ideal product for the summer and providing they are not too bulky and weighty; they should be one of the things sitting at the top of many people’s wish lists as soon as they are launched.

A woman laying on her back on the grass

Just imagine laying on your back on the grass, minus the furrowed brow and squinting, looking at the clouds rolling by and listening to your favourite tracks on a hot day; it would be heaven.

The AU-Lens audio sunglasses follow the success of the company’s AU-Collection of earphones which featured AU-Stream, AU-Stream Hybrid, AU-Stream ANC, and AU-Frequency. Like our recent feature on the Samad eVTOL aircraft, the AU-Lens offers yet another enticing glimpse into the future.

As mentioned previously, audio sunglasses are not new to the market. However, Ausounds is seeking to do it right by introducing an exciting way to listen to music using their award-winning technology whilst setting fashion trends.

The technology inside the arm of the sunglasses

Inside the AU-Lens arms are 15mm Bluetooth compatible drivers, which should ensure crystal clear voice calls. In addition to this, the sunglasses benefit from built-in AI voice assistance and noise reduction. The AU-Lens sunglasses have fast-charging capability, and the battery is said to last for up to five hours when playing music continuously.

A closeup up front-on view of the sunglasses showing the lenses

As they are essentially sunglasses, it would be remiss of us not to talk about the lenses. These multi-functional sunglasses contain Polaroid Polarised Lens’ and another big selling point with them is they can be replaced with prescription lenses if required.

The tortoiseshell version of the audio sunglasses

The AU-Lens sunglasses are available in two classic acrylic finishes. These are black and tortoiseshell, and although somewhat futuristic in what they can do, they have been given an ode to the past by using a 1950s style Wayfarer frame.

The recording artist Sara Phillips wearing a pair of Ausounds AU-Lens

To help bring more attention to the launch, Ausounds has teamed up with the recording artist Sara Phillips (above). Sara is a Canadian born, LA-based singer-songwriter whose song ‘Life Sucks’ was immensely popular on the Spotify editorial playlist. One of her more recent songs, ‘Six Feet Under,’ has also proved incredibly popular, surpassing one million streams on the music platform. Phillips’ is known for her raspy voice, which has earned a global fanbase. Watch the AU-lens launch video featuring Sara here.

To provide extra insight into why these audio sunglasses will likely raise the bar for products of this type. Ausounds engineering team have worked closely with the likes of Sennheiser, Bose, JBL and Beats in research and development. In addition to this, they’ve also won multiple awards for audio performance and industrial design.

Quality control is another big selling point when it comes to Ausounds products. They utilise a 45-step quality control testing process that ensures that their customers always get a gold-standard product.

Quite simply, Ausounds know audio which is one of the reasons why wearers of their sunglasses can expect a first-class audio experience.

J Salez wearing a pair of the sunglasses

On paper, and I say this as I haven’t tried a pair myself. The only drawback to this type of technology will be having people wandering around on a hot sunny day trying to look cool while singing their heads off! This could be a shortcut to instant superstardom or laughter, depending on the person’s voice quality! Joking aside, the AU-Lens looks like a fun and entertaining product that will make even the most splendid days a touch better.

Ausounds AU-Lens additional information

AU-Lens technical specifications:

  • 15mm high-resolution dynamic driver
  • Elegant and durable acetate frame
  • AI voice assistance and call noise reduction
  • Replaceable polarised UV lens
  • 5 hours long battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.1 with smart pairing

The audio sunglasses have an RRP of RRP £149.95, which is far from a wallet-busting price when you consider the cost of a high-end pair without audio. For more information, visit

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The AU-Lens from Ausounds Will Be Sweet Music to the Eyes and Ears 2


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