Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin – More than Just an Eye-Catching Bottle

Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin

The recently launched Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin could well be the perfect gift to celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day 2020.

For Chinese New Year, Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin is an ideal gift as it is a quite delicious alternative to the norm, i.e. mandarins. Although mandarins are traditionally given to friends and relatives as a symbol of good fortune, why not provide them with something a little different this year?

This award-winning gin has delicately infused with natural mandarin peel and exotic jasmine flowers from China. It also has no added sugar which does not impact it’s distinctively smooth and fresh taste.

If you’re not familiar with the brand name, allow us to assist. Barentsz Gin is named after the Arctic explorer, Willem Barentsz, who sought a passage through the Arctic during the Dutch Golden Age. One of his quests was to open up the North Eastern trading route to bring mandarins from China to the West.

Although we’ve highlighted how perfect a gift this gin would be for Chinese New Year, let’s not forget Valentine’s Day which is now only a month away. Consider gifting a bottle to the one you love if you are looking for something a bit different or if pink gin is not for you.

With the Jasmine flower representing a symbol of love, romance and beauty, this is the perfect gift to show your other half how much you care.

Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin was launched in December 2019

Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin was launched in December 2019 following on from the success of the original jasmine expression. The eye-catching bottles make a great pair, so why not buy one for yourself and one for your partner this Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day?

Best served as a G&T, Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin is perfect for a fuss-free Valentine’s Day tipple if you are choosing to stay in this year. Both expressions are smooth enough to sip neat, so be sure try them on the rocks.

And for those who started the New Year with a health-focused attitude, Barentsz Gin is gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan, with no artificial sweeteners.

Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin – Where and how?

Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin ABV: 40%.
RRP: From £38.00 for 70cl in a luxury gift carton.

Barentsz Jasmine Gin ABV: 43%.
RRP: From £32.95 for 70cl.

Both expressions are available from and Master of Malt.

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