Britain’s Grocers Face Complex Problems Posed by Coronavirus

Britain's Grocers Face Complex Problems Posed by Coronavirus

British supermarkets have announced newly-formulated contingency plans in an effort to ensure that the public will have access to produce, should the potential of panic-buying amidst the coronavirus outbreak take place.

In order to support increased demand and mass-buying of products, supermarkets will work to increase the provision of staple goods and daily produce in their stores, whilst scaling back shipments of non-essential products. Other key concerns facing supermarkets could be a considerable loss of profits due to the disruption, highly irregular customer behaviour, and keeping customers informed of changes in availability of produce.

With the prospect of some considerable turbulence on the horizon for Britain’s grocers and retailers, many store managers will be developing plans on how best to keep customers informed, maintain availability of products, and ensure that customers can benefit from as efficient and convenient a shopping experience as possible.

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Will Broome, CEO of retail tech pioneers Ubamarket, provides insight into the potential problems facing Britain’s grocers and retailers, and discusses how tech-based solutions could be the antidote to several issues facing the UK’s retail sector as of late:

“It’s very encouraging to hear that Britain’s supermarkets are already planning to ensure they can provide the best service possible in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. However, the potential of mass-stockpiling, dramatically increased demand for products and irregular footfall in stores poses a particularly complex problem.

The retailer that comes out on top will be the one who can not only make sure that the products in demand are fully stocked and available, but who can maintain a positive, efficient and convenient shopping experience for customers. In a time when shoppers could simply buy their groceries online, it is of paramount importance that retailers make the in-store experience as attractive and easy as possible.

The adoption and implementation of retail technology can offer solutions to such dilemmas. In recent times we have seen large retailers such as Sainsbury’s and M&S implement technology such as self-scan and till-less checkout, with great success. The next step is for retailers to implement more advanced technology, such as that provided by Ubamarket, to completely streamline and personalise the shopping experience for consumers with features such as aisle sat-nav, customer updates, stock information, and personalised discounts. This will help retailers to navigate turbulent periods and ensure sustained customer satisfaction and growth.”

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Britain's Grocers Face Complex Problems Posed by Coronavirus 2


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