Did We Warm to the CamelBak Forge Flow Travel Mug?

A man drinking out of the CamelBak Forge Flow Travel Mug

Simon Wittenberg tests the CamelBak® Forge®Flow travel mug, the latest addition to the personal hydration product leader’s extensive stainless steel bottle range.

The travel mug arena is a crowded and competitive market. We are no stranger to this type of product, having reviewed them before, with the US-made Ember Travel Mug2 being the most recent evaluation.

New on to the scene is the CamelBak Forge Flow travel mug, and we had never previously heard of this brand before, a business founded in 1989 by a cyclist and prides itself on “hands-free hydration”.

The mantra for the Forge Flow is “Press, Sip and Go”, and it really is that simple when on the move. Holding the lever down and flipping the lock on the lid to the right keeps the drink port (i.e. where you sip) open to avoid having to keep the lever continually pressed down, whilst this function also allows any hot beverage to cool if desired.

A man in his car showing how to operate the CamelBak Forge Flow Travel Mug

Keeping the lock in the left-hand position means that the drink will only come out when the lever is pressed down, and the Forge Flow is self-sealing and 100% leakproof, which is always reassuring. According to the press blurb, the bowl-shaped top has equally been designed for “enhanced aroma and heat sensibility” according to the press blurb.

The CamelBak Forge Flow is made of durable stainless steel, finished with a powder coating, so it is relatively light and comfortable to hold. It keeps drinks cool for up to 13 hours and hot for up to eight hours (depending on the capacity of the vessel). This product comes in three different sizes (i.e. as 0.35-litre, 0.5-litre and 0.6-litre travel mugs) and is available in three different shades – black, navy and moss (a light green colour).

The different colours the mug is available in

The subject of our test was the navy blue 35ml (12oz), which had a 10-hour chill limit and five hours’ worth of heat. It has been ideal to be able to sip a hot beverage during chilly Christmas holiday walks in the open air, and the 35ml vessel is large enough to quench some immediate thirst but is a tad too small if you’re planning to be out all day.

Cleaning out a receptacle this deep is always a challenge, especially if you’re planning to use it for something that tends to stain like tea. As we found with the Ember, it’s worth being armed with a decent bottle brush to get into all the nooks and crannies and to reduce the build-up of deposits. If you tend to put things in the machine rather than wash them up by hand, both the lid and main container are dishwasher safe, which is another bonus feature.

An older woman using the tea infuser in her kitchen

CamelBak Forge Flow owners can also treat themselves to a Tea Infuser that can be purchased separately.

In summary
Available from under £30 at high street retailers, including John Lewis and Blacks, the new CamelBak Forge Flow is practical, easy to use, and good value for money, so there is plenty going for this compact piece of technology, which can be used all year round. It’s extremely handy when you’re out and about, and we would now find it hard being without one.

CamelBak Forge Flow travel mug – Where and How?

Camelbak is a company that is very aware of the impact manufacturing can have on the environment and as such, only supplies BPA-free hydration products.

For more information on the CamelBak Forge Flow travel mug, to learn more about the company’s story and to see the other products in the range, visit www.camelbak.co.uk and for our readers based outside of the United Kingdom, please visit their international website at www.camelbak.com.

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Did We Warm to the CamelBak Forge Flow Travel Mug? 2


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