Chefs ArChan Chan and Jayson Tang Unite for A Duology of Cantonese Traditions

Chefs ArChan Chan and Jayson Tang Unite for A Duology of Cantonese Traditions

In an exciting collaboration highlighting the best of Cantonese cuisine, two rising star Cantonese chefs, Chef ArChan Chan of Ho Lee Fook, and Chef Jayson Tang of one Michelin-starred Man Ho Chinese Restaurant at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong will join forces for a special event occurring over two days on 11th and 18th October. Aptly titled “A Duology of Cantonese Traditions,” this two-part culinary exploration promises to delight food enthusiasts with an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The first collaboration dinner will take place on Wednesday, the 11th of October (Part I) at the renowned Man Ho Chinese Restaurant, followed by a second experience on Wednesday, the 18th of October (Part II) at Ho Lee Fook. Each evening will showcase the unique talents of the two chefs as they present a meticulously crafted collaborative menu infused with traditional Cantonese flavours and a modern twist.

Having started her culinary journey at the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, Chef ArChan is returning to where she learnt the basics of the culinary arts, setting the foundation for her future career. For Chef ArChan, “My cooking journey started in Hong Kong with JW Marriott and now, almost 15 years later and with more culinary knowledge, I am excited to return and to have the opportunity to create alongside such an excellent chef and friend as Chef Jayson Tang.”

Pan-Fried Fish Maw with Almond Consommé

The collaboration menus will pay homage to cherished Cantonese childhood dishes, masterfully reimagined to evoke nostalgia while impressing with bold and innovative flavours. With each dish showcasing harmony between the chefs’ distinct styles and expertise, guests can expect an exceptional dining experience.

Full collaboration sample menus, including Part I, takes place at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant on the 11th of October and Part II at Ho Lee Fook on the 18th of October, are as below:

On the 11th of October at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant
HK$1,688 + 10% per person

Appetiser – Golden Coin Chicken, Goose Liver Parfait with Pepper
金錢野雞卷, 椒香鵝肝醬

Dim Sum – Fish Maw & Chinese Cabbage Dumpling / Pork Bone with Dried Cabbage Soup
花膠白菜餃/ 菜乾豬骨湯

Steamed Egg with Crab Claw and Crab Roe

Wok-fried Razor Clams with Basil and Preserved Vegetables

Crispy Skin Masterstock Pigeon

Black Pepper Wagyu Beef with Egg over Rice

Dessert Plate
Pandan Sugar Doughnut + Coconut Ice Cream
斑蘭沙翁 / 椰子雪糕

Petits Fours


On the 18th of October at Ho Lee Fook
HK$1,488 + 10% per person

Cold Appetiser
Chinese Pig Trotter’s Sausage Slice / Braised Bamboo Shoots with Shrimp Roe /Honey-glazed Grilled Eel
懷舊札蹄/ 蝦子炆筍/蜜味燒風鱔

Dim Sum
Seafood Dumpling / Deep-fried Radish Pastry
海鮮餃/ 蘿蔔絲酥餅

Steamer Dumpling with Sour Vegetable Broth

Wok Fried Lobster with Black Bean and fried Dace

Suckling Pig with Glutinous Rice

Chinese Kale in Claypot Casserole

Dessert Platter
Steamed Layered Custard Cake & Lotus Seed Soup
蛋黃千層糕/ 蓮子露

Witness the culinary prowess of Chef ArChan Chan and Chef Jayson Tang as they come together for “A Duology of Cantonese Traditions”.

The two chefs in the kitchen

Secure your reservations for the 11th of October at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant here and the 18th of October at Ho Lee Fook here, and indulge in a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure that combines the best of traditional Cantonese cuisine with a modern interpretation.

About Ho Lee Fook
Ho Lee Fook is a Chinese restaurant with a Hong Kong heart, a flag-bearer for the city whose cuisine and culture it represents, and a vibrant celebration of late-night, neon-soaked sophistication.

Meaning ‘good fortune for your mouth’, Ho Lee Fook brings to life a deep appreciation and passion for Cantonese cuisine with a boisterous experience steeped in heritage, grounded by our shared love of good food and great company.

Chef Chan

About Executive Chef Archan Chan
Following its top-to-bottom renovation, Ho Lee Fook began its latest chapter with newly appointed Head Chef ArChan Chan working alongside the seasoned Ho Lee Fook team that helped to launch the restaurant to cult status. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chef ArChan spent the last 13 years earning her chops in some of Australia’s finest kitchens, refining her techniques and expanding her cooking knowledge.

Now at the helm of Ho Lee Fook, Chef ArChan receives a unique distinction in Hong Kong’s culinary landscape as the only female chef in the city to head a high-end Cantonese kitchen.

A Hong Kong native, Chef ArChan Chan spent the formative years of her career refining her technique and expanding her cooking knowledge in two of the world’s greatest restaurant cities, Melbourne and Singapore. After over 13 years abroad developing her culinary finesse and delving into the seasonality and quality of different produce, ArChan returned to Hong Kong in 2021.

Her work is a vibrant tribute to the dishes she grew up eating and the cuisine that laid the groundwork for her life-long journey through food. Her return to Hong Kong brings a sense of harmony and homecoming to her next chapter, one where her expertise and imagination lend themselves to evolving Cantonese cuisine and creating memorable moments for her home community.

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