A Short Walk on England’s Coast is the Natural Tonic for Mind and Body

How Short Walks on England's Coast Can Help to Boost Your Mind and Body

England’s Coast is the one-stop shop for information on exploring the coastal expanses of the country. Their research has concluded that spending time by the sea benefits your mental well-being. Jeremy Webb is fortunate to live by the sea and counts his blessings as he has experienced the curing powers.

“Oh, I do like to be by the seaside; oh, I do like to be by the sea”. This song from the past should now be everybody’s mantra, as the benefits of spending time by the sea have been proven again, this time in the latest report from the University of Exeter.

For countless years, medical practitioners have advised patients to spend time recovering or healing by the sea. Wealthy Greeks, Romans and world leaders have been recorded throughout history as choosing beaches to revive themselves from the hustle and bustle of urban noise and filth.

The medical experts in those days gone by were far ahead of their time and knew how incredibly beneficial clean sea air and the relaxing sounds of the coastal areas are to the body.

Jump forward thousands of years, and Doctors recommended that members of the Royal family take time away from London to relax and revive themselves. They visited Brighton, famous for the Royal Pavillion created for the Prince Regent, and Bognor, which gained royal recognition and became Regis.

The sandy beach at Grimsby

Now, with the terrible last few years we have all faced, it is even more important to indulge in personal time and care for your mental health.

England has a fantastic coastline and hundreds of beautiful places to visit for short or extended stays. By visiting England’s Coast website, you can easily explore areas you are interested in going to.

The value in taking time to recentre and connect to the mind, body and soul is imperative. Improved sleep relates to reduced stress, and spending time by the Coast has abundant science-backed benefits.

2023 is the Year of the Coast, and with the increased cost of living, England’s Coast has a collection of more than 2,000 coastal businesses suitable for all budgets. They can connect you with places to stay, eat or participate in water sports and immersive experiences.

Dr Lewis Elliot of the University of Exeter said, “The Coast has long been used as an environment for holidays, convalescing, and physical activity.

Our research has found that approximately 271 million recreational visits are made to coasts and beaches in England each year, and multiple studies indicate that these environments hold significant benefits for supporting physical activity, increasing social contact, reducing stress, improving mental health, and potentially reducing health inequalities.

Our findings demonstrate that even short walks by the Coast can improve psychological health.

This weight of evidence is important as it is influencing how policymakers view, plan and protect blue environments, with The Chief Medical Officer highlighting our work in his latest report and urging that these health benefits must not be taken for granted.

We’ve also shown that even virtual representations of coastal environments can confer meaningful effects on positive mood and a sense of connectedness with the natural world.”

The England Coast Path, when complete, will be more than 2,700 miles long, offering the longest marked coastal trail in the world. Physical activity is proven to boost self-esteem, mood, and energy levels.

A man walking his dog on the beach in the early morning

Discover new stretches on the run or at a slower pace in the tranquillity of nature whilst walking.

Participate is an adrenaline adventure with Yorkshire-based Bay Watersports, which offer a personalised experience to suit your ability and requirements. You can brave the waves and spend the day stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing or raft-building.

The English Coast is brimming with sea life. Take in nature by heading to the Farne Islands, a habitat for seals, with 2,000 pups born in autumn and more than 23 species of seabirds.

See the wildlife up close and personal on a boat trip with Serenity Farne Island Boat Tours with onboard guides to answer all your questions.

The English Coast at sunset

Creativity helps to focus the mind and is likened to meditation through calming effects on the brain. You can discover the secrets of Yorkshire’s unique natural history, immersing yourself in one of the many wildlife and nature experiences.

Enjoy rock pooling or join a local expert to discover hidden gems on a wildlife photography and birdwatching trip around North York Moors National Park.

Sheep enjoying the sunshine whilst admiring the water

Relax and connect with your mind, body and soul, enjoying the fresh air with expansive views of the South West Coast Path in all its beauty. See the mountain goats, unique caves and cliff formations, and the Valley of Rocks in North Devon. An unrivalled place to spend time living in harmony with nature. Located half a mile west of Lynton, escape to this dramatic geological display.

Enjoy the pleasure of indulging in superb food. Essex’s Mersea Island is world-famous for oysters. At eight square miles, this island is a beautiful escape. Life in West Mersea is sublimely slow, allowing ample time for taking in the dramatic, vast skies and estuary views and feasting on fresh native oysters.

The fresh sea air is brilliant for helping those who struggle to sleep

The fresh and clean coastal air with higher levels of oxygen can profoundly affect your sleep quality. Participating in an active lifestyle, combined with the benefits of calmness and serenity at night, means falling asleep will never have felt easier.

On the North Yorkshire coast, you can slumber to waves at Coastguard Cottage in Saltburn-by-the-sea. It is the perfect holiday hideaway in a peaceful location with stunning sea and countryside views; this oasis sleeps up to four.

For more information on England’s Coast, please visit https://englandscoast.com.

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