Guide To The Most Luxurious Places To Stay & Dine In Copenhagen

Guide To The Most Luxurious Places To Stay & Dine In Copenhagen 2

The two-Michelin-star restaurant Noma

Noma needs no introduction. Okay, I’ll give you one. Tourists desire to eat here, chefs dream of working here and food critics travel from all over the world to visit. All of them are hungry to discover what the ‘world’s best restaurant’ (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014) has to offer.

Based in a renovated warehouse in Copenhagen, 2 Michelin-starred Noma is the birthplace of the ‘New Nordic Kitchen’. Its creator is one of Denmark’s most famous men – Head Chef René Redzepi. René completely revolutionised the Scandinavian food scene with his culinary movement. A movement which centres around slow and steady food preparation and local-sourcing of all ingredients where sustainability is key.

Each morning, Noma’s passionate team of chefs head out to gather the day’s ingredients. And by evening, lavender, samphire, garlic shoots, wild roses and beach beets will be delicately placed on the plate.

Despite its world-famous reputation, the 45-seat restaurant is stripped-back and relaxed, letting diners really get to grips with the food and the overall experience. Singing the same simplistic tune, dishes that appear minimalistic on the menu pack complex flavours and textures when they arrive. Each small plate, of which there are usually around 20, leads diners on a journey of culinary discovery.

Then there’s the kitchen-cum-science lab, where, with precision tweezers in hand, many chefs are at work crafting components of the menu and using techniques both traditional and futuristic.

The dining experience at Noma is a real eye-opener and certainly worth the hassle of trying to vie for a booking when the system opens just once a month.

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