Putting the Elite Extra Firm Brook + Wilde Mattress To The Test

Putting the Elite Extra Firm Brook + Wilde Mattress To The Test

When you think the average person spends around 33 years of their life in bed, it’s fair to say this needs to be as comfortable an experience as possible. Sleep is at the heart of physical and mental health, and with the global pandemic still overshadowing every aspect of our lives, it’s never been more important to pay closer attention to our sleep.

We need to do everything we can to get decent shut-eye, and one of the best places to start off with is investing in a good mattress.

Here at the Luxurious Magazine HQ, we’ve always sought ways to educate our readers on living a good quality of life through experiences, products and gadgets. After speaking to Andrew Tyler co-founder of bedding and mattress brand Brook + Wilde for our interview section, we were offered to try out their new Extra Firm Elite mattress for ourselves for 30 days.

In Conversation With Brook + Wilde's Co-founder, Andrew Tyler

Sleeping on the job was so tempting we couldn’t turn down such a tempting offer. A month on and senior reporter Sabi Phagura has finally risen from the bed to deliver that verdict.

The lowdown on the Elite Mattress
Definitely not for the spare room, the Extra Elite Mattress was actually created due to demand from customers requesting an extra firm mattress. The company began making them on a bespoke basis for clients, but as demand grew, it was added to the Elite range permanently.

This mattress still contains all the elements of the Elite mattress, including the eight different layers of memory foam and 3,500 springs and ‘wave technology’ for better spinal alignment. The more springs in the mattress, the more even the support is.

The Brook + Wilde mattress uses eight layers to achieve the ideal balance of comfort and performance

The eight layers of the mattress explained:

  • Layer 1 – The top cover can be unzipped and removed for washing at 30 degrees. The four ways stretch cover is breathable to allow for air circulation.
  • Layer 2 – The memory foam protector allows the top cover to move freely while ensuring the first memory foam layer can work independently.
  • Layer 3 – The thermo-regulating top layer is made from next-generation high-density foam which supports your spine, and eases stress on pressure points. The unique open cell structure provides a higher level of moisture evaporation and breathability, which helps your mattress to stay cooler for longer so you can sleep more comfortably all night long.
  • Layer 4 – This has 2,500 mini springs, which are engineered to move with you as you turn in your sleep and reduce pressure points. The use of springs also gives your mattress some push back and bounce.
  • Layer 5 – Wave technology – This layer of support foam has added depth and density in the upper area of the mattress, to aid spinal alignment and support for your shoulders. A specialist foam in this layer is used for its cushioning qualities that relieve pressure points.
  • Layer 6 – This has a further 1,000 135mm pocket springs. They give a little more bounce and push back.
  • Layer 7 – The support base is the foundation of a good mattress. The support base is there to give structure and solidity to the mattress. It’s engineered to give particular support to the bottom layer of larger pocket springs.
  • Layer 8 – The non-slip base ensures that your mattress stays put, giving you peace of mind as you drift off to sleep.

Delivery and the initial look of the mattress
Made to order within three weeks, the mattress arrived in a slim carton box all rolled up as part of their two-person delivery service. Granted, it’s been a while since I ordered a mattress, but I wasn’t expected that. But it made for easy lugging up the stairs (normally this would be done by the delivery men, but Covid has put a stop to that) and as soon as the packaging was removed the mattress burst into its natural position almost as if relieved to be able to breathe.

Soft to the touch the top stretchy cover is removable and washable and is made of a four-way stretch fabric which is breathable, which means it will remain cool during sleep. It’s also hypoallergenic, which is good news for those who suffer from allergies.

The mattress design features a two-tone colour scheme separated by a teal line, the upper part is white, and the bottom is dark blue. The four handles surrounding the mattress makes for easier manoeuvring, and the non-slip base will help keep it positioned in place.

Brook +Wilde also offer a free mattress recycling service so you can get rid of your old mattress saving you time and effort going to a tip or having it collected by the local council.

A side view of the Brook + Wilde Elite Mattress

How firm is the mattress?
When I initially removed the packaging, I didn’t think it felt as firm as I thought it would be, but because it had been tightly packed, it does take a few days for the mattress to take proper shape so bear with it. When it did come unto its own, I would rate it an eight out of ten for me. I think I was expecting it to be firmer. But as I have a particularly straight body shape with little variation in hip and shoulder width, this suited my figure well.

Trying out various sleeping positions was fun.

I don’t have a particular favourite position to sleep in, so I tried various ones over the course of the month. Starting from lying on my back, the memory foam layers definitely do a great job of keeping the spine aligned with excellent support. As soon as I turned over to my side, the springs bounded into action and elevated my body into a straight line, so I didn’t sink too deep into it or towards the middle of the mattress. However, I did expect my body to return to a neutral position a tad quicker, though.

I do love sleeping on my stomach from time to time, so this was the real test for me. And this certainly impressed me the most. My whole body from shoulders to hips was aligned correctly, and I felt supported throughout.

As I toss and turn a fair amount, I love how the memory foam works with your body. So you’re not sinking low for longer than need be. I also tend to do a good amount of reading in bed, and it was important for me to be able to sit upright for a good period without my backside numbing. Again, this surpassed my expectations, and I was pleased with the mattress’s performance.

As the motion transfer of the mattress is minimal, this mattress is certainly good for those who share their bed with a partner.

A woman waking up in bed after an excellent nights sleep

Trial period and verdict
The mattress comes with a 10-year-guarantee which is standard these days. On top of this, you will get a 100-night trial period which gives customers ample time to decide whether the mattress is right for you or not. If you aren’t happy, Brook + Wilde offers a no quibble, full refund.

Buying a mattress is a very personal experience as one size does not fit all. I certainly had little qualms about the Elite Extra Firm mattress, and the service I received was second to none.

It’s probably best to discuss your particular needs directly with the brand, and bear in mind you really do get what you pay for when it comes to mattresses. Admittedly this mattress isn’t cheap, however, your health is paramount and wherever possible, you should never cut corners.

The Elite Extra Firm Mattress Brook + Wilde – Where and how?

Available in soft, medium, firm or extra firm comfort feel, the Elite range starts from £799 for a single matures with free delivery. There’s also an option for interest-free monthly instalments.

For more information on this mattress and other products, visit https://brookandwilde.com/the-elite-mattress/.

Putting the Elite Extra Firm Brook + Wilde Mattress To The Test 2


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