Call for eScooter Rules to be Clarified As Lockdown Restrictions Ease

Call for eScooter Rules to be Clarified As Lockdown Restrictions Ease

Leading eScooter retailer, Electra-Zoom, has welcomed the news that ‘independent sustainable transport’ will be prioritised as the current restrictions are gradually lifted warning that otherwise, car travel could become the default option.

Electra-Zoom’s Managing Director, Ollie Chadwick, commented saying, “The coronavirus crisis has created many difficulties, but it has also given us quieter, cleaner, safer, decongested towns and cities.

To retain these benefits we must embrace sustainable options – now – if we are to ever change our travelling and commuting habits. We are, therefore, delighted to hear that substantial investment will be made to support this.”

  • Pedestrians, Cyclists, eBikes and eScooters should be prioritised
  • They can all provide safe, affordable, environmentally friendly and sustainable transport.
  • They have a small ‘footprint’, offer convenient, independent, mobility, and, used responsibly, are safe and healthy
  • They take the pressure off the crowded public transport systems and provide excellent levels of ‘distancing’ from other commuters and travellers
Ollie Chadwick Managing Director of Electra-Zoom
Ollie Chadwick Managing Director of Electra-Zoom.

Ollie added, “The current Coronavirus crisis has brought us to a crossroads in our lifetime. We now have an opportunity to make many positive changes, especially with regard to the way in which we travel, and particularly how we travel in urban areas. Clean, low cost, sustainable options such as cycling, walking and scootering offer a wealth of benefits.

“Without clear guidance and incentives, quite the opposite could happen. More people could defer to cars believing this provides the isolation and security they need, which would be a major environmental setback.

“Bikes and eBikes are gaining renewed popularity, but many cyclists still fear the return of high volumes of motor vehicle traffic.

“eScooters are already in widespread use, but are still not formally legalised, and many potential users are eagerly awaiting this clarification.

“The recent OECD Report* concluded that eScooters would be safe and provide many benefits, and the Government are reported to be reviewing the legislation with a change in the law expected in the imminent future. So, we have written to the Transport Minister, Grant Shapps, asking him to expedite this legislation, so that people can revolutionise the way they travel, in tandem with the return to work and the arrival of summer, without the risks of overcrowded public transport or reliance on cars.”

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*The full OECD report can be viewed here:

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Call for eScooter Rules to be Clarified As Lockdown Restrictions Ease 2


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