New Study on Home Workouts Reveals Brit’s are a Dirty Bunch

Data from a New Study on Home Workouts Reveals Brit's are a Dirty Bunch

Results from a new survey reveal Brit’s are a dirty bunch with 73% not showering straight after working out at home, 18% admit they don’t bother at all, and 31% will wear the same gym gear waiting up to 3 or 4 sessions before washing it!

Working out at home has gripped the nation for obvious reasons. In fact, in the last 30 days, there have been over 135,000 Google searches surrounding the keywords’ home workout.’

Whether it’s attempting Joe Wicks’ YouTube videos or walking/running on the treadmill while watching Netflix, many have taken lockdown as an opportunity to focus on the body, mind and soul in one fell swoop.

It’s fantastic that the people in the country have a goal to keep fit and stay in shape. It’s just unfortunate that many Brit’s are either immune to or enjoy the stale sweaty smell found in gymnasiums up and down the country.

Having the goal to keep fit is commendable but what seems to be less of a goal is personal hygiene after exercising. (You know who you are!)

The bathroom and shower experts, recently surveyed 2,000 people, and found that while 93% of respondents do a home workout at least once a week; 73% won’t shower straight after they exercise, favouring the option of ‘leaving it’ for as long as they can!

Amazingly, just under half (43%) will wait hours before they even think about peeling off their sweaty sports socks to shower – and 18% admit that they don’t bother at all! Most surprisingly of all, 31% of people were found to exercise in the exact same outfit for up to 3 or 4 sessions before swapping for a fresh, clean look!

This is particularly alarming when linked to the fact 59% of people don’t think they need to clean workout equipment – such as kettlebells or resistance bands – at home.

People do not seem to realise that the sweaty, damp and warm conditions that surround equipment at home – without assistance from commercial air systems and filters, such as those at your local gym – are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria like E. coli, staphylococcus aureus (staph), bacillus, and streptococcal bacteria. When spread, these bacteria can cause countless sorts of illnesses and infections – and live happily on surfaces for at least three days!

Martin Smith, a spokesperson for, comments: “It is very important to clean home workout equipment, but I wouldn’t use DIY blends like vinegar or bleach. These can sometimes to be too harsh, especially when applied to rubber material. Instead try using bleach-free and alcohol-free disinfectant wipes designed specifically for specialist equipment. Fortunately, you can find reasonably priced wipes of this kind online, which are also biodegradable.

Machines, free weights and benches should be wiped down daily if they are in regular use. Also, remember to clean the space you work out in too, especially if you are doing something like yoga, which has a lot of close contact with the floor.”

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New Study on Home Workouts Reveals Brit's are a Dirty Bunch 2


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