If James Bond Had A Sauna It Would Be A KLAFS S1

If James Bond Had A Sauna It Would Be A KLAFS S1

If you love health-focused, gorgeous-looking technology you’ll be chomping at the bit for the KLAFS S1, it’s probably the ‘coolest’ sauna you’ll ever see!

If you’ve always wanted a sauna but didn’t think you had enough space for one, pop into this year’s Ideal Home. Make your way to stand H470 and marvel at the KLAFS ‘S1’, the world’s first retractable sauna that folds away to the size of a standard wardrobe.

What makes this a much-have product is by simply pressing a button, the KLAFS S1 sauna extends from its collapsed 60cm to a comfortable 1.6m sauna in just 20 seconds. And, it has everything you would need for a relaxing sauna session.

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“People living in cities are often restricted for living space, but many long to enrich their lives with a home sauna,” says Andy Carr from Guncast, the selected UK partner for KLAFS products. “No bigger than an average wardrobe, the S1 sauna is perfect for apartments on the Thames, or small city homes.”

The S1 sauna is a completely self-contained unit featuring benches, compact heater, flush-mounted LED lights, loudspeakers that connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and a built-in air channel system. And because it is compatible with a variety of floor types, this award-winning sauna is a great choice for any room, from bathrooms to guest rooms.

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There are four sizes and a multitude of design variants, with endless options for different housing arrangements and styles. What’s more, if you are moving home, you can take the KLAFS S1 sauna with you.

“The smallest model is 1.72 metres wide and spacious enough for two people,” says Andy explaining there are also infrared and manual options. “For the first time we’ll be at the Ideal Home Show with a working S1 sauna for people to try for themselves.”

In association with KLAFS, the S1 is available from Guncast, a British luxury pool builder who will be on stand H470 at the Ideal Home Show 2019, 22 March to 7 April at Olympia, London. Other KLAFS products can also be seen on the stand including the EASY sauna, which is designed for quick and easy DIY assembly without professional help.

KLAFS S1 Sauna Information

KLAFS is a German designer of hydrothermal solutions, including snow cabins, ice fountains, steam baths, mud baths, hamams, caldariums, SANARIUM®, saunas and more.

For further information, contact Guncast on +44 (0) 1798 343 725 or by email at [email protected].

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