Six Incredible Luxury Watches Incorporating Nature in their Design

Romain Jerome Eyjafjallajökull DNA EVO

Romain Jerome Eyjafjallajökull DNA EVO Timepiece – One of the ‘hottest’ looking timepieces ever made!

Although not the latest homage to Eyjafjallajökull from Romain Jerome, the 43mm DNA EVO featured on our list is our favourite from their three lava stone infused watches.

Of all the great watches we’ve seen over the years, this model should go down in horological history as one of the most striking-looking timepieces ever created, it should also take the outright award for having the most difficult to pronounce name for any timepiece.

If you’re not familiar with the seemingly strange name the watch has been given, allow us to enlighten you. Eyjafjallajökull (pronounced ei-ya-fyat-LA-yer-kitle) is a glacier in Iceland covering the caldera of a volcano rising almost 5,500 feet which famously erupted in 2010 causing chaos to travellers across large parts of the world.

The DNA EVO dial is made from handcrafted lava stone from Eyjafjallajökull (C.O.A comes with the piece) with the striking lava element beautifully recreated in hand-laid enamel. The lava detailing is located on the left side of the dial and stretches from around 6 o’clock to 11 o’clock, or as we like to say, prime party time in the evening. As a reminder of the chaos caused by the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, Romain Jerome has thoughtfully placed the outline of grounded planes at the end of each of the hands.

Six Incredible Luxury Watches Incorporating Nature in their Design 1
Eyjafjallajökull-DNA Burnt Lava

The Romain Jerome lava stone watches are limited to just 99 pieces, with the latest piece, the BURNT LAVA edition being a little more ostentatious in its design with much more lava detailing on the dial and bezel when compared to the DNA EVO. All credit should go to the artisans who created the Eyjafjallajökull DNA EVO as they’ve faithfully reproduced the beauty and raw power of nature in just a 43mm area. This is without any doubt, a perfect example of how nature can be introduced into a timepiece, resulting in an end product which will draw gasps of awe.

Some might disagree with our choice of the DNA EVO over the BURNT LAVA, perhaps we’re a little more conservative in our taste than some other international publications? Whichever of the lava themed watches you decide upon, you can guarantee that more than a few people will be wowed when they see one in person.

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