Cook Like a Professional at Home with the C3 by Marrone + Mesubim

Cook line a pro with the C3 by Marrone + Mesubim Culinary system

Designed for the serious food lover, the futuristic feel of the Marrone + Mesubim C3 home culinary system is perfect for every discerning cook: the Michelin-starred, the enthusiastic amateur or the professional private chef.

Cooking is one of Britain’s most loved past times. Turn on the TV, and before long, a cookery program or segment will appear filled with passionate amateur chefs seeking to showcase their skills.

One of the most important things standing between being a good chef and a great chef is the equipment used. In this article, we’re taking a looking at the Marrone + Mesubim C3 which is said to make you cook like a professional at home.

The Marrone + Mesubim C3 is manufactured near Venice in northern Italy. It was created after an intense period of conceptual design, prototype development and consultation with a personal network of Michelin chefs.

A fusion between the four-decades of Armando Pujatti’s (Marrone) high-end skills gained designing and manufacturing professional chefs’ kitchens, and the single-minded focus of cosmo-culinarian Joshua Latner (Mesubim), the C3 is a masterful combination of creativity and aesthetics.

The Marrone + Mesubim C3 culinary system

The Marrone + Mesubim brand now has display kitchens featuring the C3 in exclusive locations worldwide. These include: A private villa in Mykonos, Michelin Star Chef Simone Zanoni’s home in Paris, The Aman Hotel in Venice, and the studio of The KitcheN store in Milan.

Marrone + Mesubim C3 wash cut cook system

Inspired by the minimise-to-maximise Japanese ideology, the integrated ‘wash – cut – cook’ elements of a professional kitchen are the backbone of the C3, and both inspire and feed culinary creativity. Everything needed is within easy arms-reach, enabling the focus to be on the sublime results, whether simple or complex cooking, the streamlined process itself becomes second nature.

Marrone + Mesubim C3 wash cut cook system

The wash section is the start of the process: a sliding board to clean vegetables, fish and meat; below this is an integrated basket to hold the cleaned produce with full handwashing facilities set at the rear, with a Dornbracht water tap and flexible hose to make all these processes easy; a sous vide is conveniently situated next to the sink.

The cut section comes next: centred in the run of the three-metre counter is the mise-en-place area with a Corian condiment shelf and an eye-level customisable chef’s drawer to hold your precious knives securely and safely.

Hob in the Marrone + Mesubim C3

Finally the cook section: equipped with a choice of a professional-grade powerful 5kW induction or 20,500 BTU/h gas burners; a pot filler directly above for ease of pan filling; a Bamix hand-held mixer holder for immediate emulsification of sauces, and an integrated spoon holder with water circulation to keep utensils immediately re-usable.

Whether your individual cooking style is swift and simple or long and slow, the combined functionality of the Marrone + Mesubim C3 is the perfect kitchen partner for you.

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Cook Like a Professional at Home with the C3 by Marrone + Mesubim 2


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