Montegrappa exude ‘Italianness’ with the Fortuna Tricolore

Montegrappa exude 'Italianness' with the Fortuna Tricolore

When you think of Italy, what springs to mind? For us, it’s Rome, architecture, style, amazing cars, beautiful people and of course, Montegrappa, manufacturer of some of the world’s most exquisite writing implements.

For over a hundred years, the brand have created amazing pens, gaining praise and awards from around the world. It is a company that consistantly acknowledge their heritage, they are so Italian that when I call up the HQ, I feel myself adopting an Italian accent, excessively rolling my ‘Rs’ and pronouncing every vowel individually, an strange audible combination when you consider I have an unmistakeable cut English accent!

The Fortuna Tricolore from the Bassano del Grappa manufacturer shouts Italy, you would recognise its ‘Italianess’ from a distance without knowing what is is! Why? because it it adourned with the Italian Tricolore, red, white and green. The Fortuna collection was named after the Goddess of Fortune, the personification of luck according to the ancient Romans. Fortuna’s identity as the embodiment of chance events was closely tied to virtus, or strength of character, including wisdom, valour and courage. Montegrappa believe that luck is indubitably linked to virtue, while education is the foundation on which an individual develops and nurture their innate talents.

Fortuna Tricolore

Montegrappa are also firm believers that hand-writing is an essential element of the education process and an indispensable function, even in today’s hurried, digitised society. It was for this reason that they created the Fortuna collection, to engage those who still indulge in the absolute pleasure of handwriting.

‘Italianness’ is an innate quality of all Montegrappa pens, but Fortuna takes this concept a stage further in its latest form: the Tricolore. Trimmed with parts made from palladium over brass, the resin body is striped from the top of its cap to the end of its barrel in the green-white-red of Italy’s flag. It is a colour combination with immediate impact, whether seen as the insalata tricolore found on Italian menus the world over, on the badges of Italian racing cars or even on a box of pasta. It is instantly evocative of La Bella Italia.

Fortuna Tricolore

Fortuna in Tricolore colours is now available as a fountain pen (cartridge or converter fed), roller ball or twist-action ballpoint pen.

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