One million views on a single Google Plus Post in 24 Hours

One million views on a single Google Plus Post in 24 Hours

Luxurious Magazine gets 1 million views on a single Ford Mustang Google Plus post in 24 hours

One million views on a single Google Plus Post in 24 Hours 7It’s very rare that we at Luxurious Magazine shout about our achievements on our own web site, however yesterday (27th February 2014) something quite incredible happened on our Google Plus (Google+) page. Much of the luxury industry recognize Luxurious Magazine as the most popular dedicated luxury magazine online in the world, but some companies, for their own peculiar reasons try whatever they can to ignore this. Aside from our massive global partnerships, which include MSN and our dominant position on the search engines, we are also incredibly popular on Google Plus.

One million views on a single Google Plus Post in 24 Hours 8Therefore we needed to do something with independent statistics from a Global organization to convince the doubters, something that from our research no one else in the world had achieved within the luxury industry.

Yesterday we posted an article on the new Ford Mustang, and over a period of approximately 24 hours it was viewed on the official Luxurious Magazine Google Plus page over one million times. At this present time, it is rapidly approaching 1.2 million views. The statistics are available for people to see by clicking on the link above – click on the image and look at the number of views at the bottom of the page.

What I find odd about writing a short piece extolling the virtues of Luxurious Magazine is, marketing and advertising professionals in the industry should already know this but many of them don’t. It shouldn’t be for us to publicize this, but for the industry professionals to monitor leading media brands like ourselves and recognize this.

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