Private Aviation: A Tech-driven Business Model or Nothing

Bitlux Private Jet company accepting Cryptocurrency payments

Private Jet Travel companies need to be tech-focused in order to stay ahead of the competition. One company doing this is Florida’s Bitlux who is using a cryptocurrency-centred business model for bookings.

Back in the day, using the phone to book an aircraft was standard. Today and for the past ten years or so, clients are buying different products and services online, and every business willing to thrive needs to adjust to this trend.

The same goes for the private aviation market, notably with all the improvements other methods of transportation have accomplished in the past years from a technological perspective, from a commercial flight to Uber.

Allowing a client to book an aircraft minutes before departure must be the aim of every ambitious private aviation provider. It’s what companies like Bitlux in South Florida have accomplished, by taking it up a notch and establishing a cryptocurrency-centred model, fully adapted to the fast-paced digital market ecosystem.

For them, adjusting to the trends and consumer behaviour of their clients means long-term loyalty and superior customer service.

Specifically, when private air travel is no longer for a small group of clients, but acquiring new users while also shifting the perception that luxury is no longer it’s most coveted benefit. This segment needs to use the technology by the majority of its target audience, those connected 365 days a year to their smartphone and prepared to purchase a private aviation service online, empty leg or on-demand and, why not, via cryptocurrencies.

Private Jet Companies need to adopt all technology

Why faster is better
Successful young entrepreneurs are gaining relevance within this segment and expect charter providers to move as fast as their businesses. They need the aircraft ready after they book it through the smartphone in their pockets and don’t want a middleman or more steps in the process; no confirmation calls, emails and possible last-minute setbacks.

The fast-paced world they live in is well paired with private air. Time management is this sector’s main asset. Take-off in minutes after arriving at the terminal with no check-in lines and landing at the terminal that’s closest to your destination, thus saving time and money in ground transport. No need to claim your luggage as you get off the jet with your bag. Private aviation adapts soundly to a business ecosystem where time is money.

“You have to exceed expectations and understand the dynamic trends developing at a record-breaking pace. The technology within this industry is astounding, from a user standpoint (booking and payment) and from a safety and maintenance perspective. Dealing with all these variables will help providers deliver an all-around superior experience”, concludes Kyle Patel, Executive Director at Bitlux.

Modern aircraft and top-notch facilities are important and a great start, but a slow business model won’t go the distance. Technology and flexibility will.

Paying for a flight on the spot with cryptocurrencies, credit or debit card, remaining fully flexible to the client’s requests and working towards solutions instead of excuses, is the only way customer satisfaction can flawlessly combine with today’s technology.

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