The New Riva 88’ Folgore Gets Its First Taste of the Water

The New Riva 88’ Folgore Gets Its First Taste of the Water

Riva’s latest masterpiece, the Riva 88′ Folgore, has touched water for the first time at the La Spezia shipyard. She is the first model to be launched by the Italian boatbuilders in 2020.

Every new boat unveiled by Riva is an event, and the Riva 88′ Folgore is no exception. It’s a beautiful looking boat and no doubt thrilled those who witnessed it cutting through the waves for the very first time.

The boat was launched on May 25th at La Spezia. This is where the 76-to-110-foot models are produced. She was constructed during the pandemic outbreak, and all credit needs to go to the boatbuilders, who’ve been able to continue safely working during this trying time.

The exterior of the Riva 88′ draws inspiration from the world of motoring. The boatbuilders have sought to tie-in both the past and present via liberal use of both traditional and modern materials such as carbon, mahogany and polished steel.

The design and aesthetics are, as expected, well thought out. Nice touches include a garage door which is multi-positional. It can either be parallel to the water where it can take advantage of the 6m² beach club or immersed where it can launch and land a tender.

The cockpit is spacious, offering 22 m² of space. Here you’ll find a table, a huge sofa and a swanky bar with a marble top which opens electrically.

Another nice touch is the glass hardtop which is tiltable towards either the stern or bow. The ability to alter its position allows more fresh air to come into the boat while at sea or anchored making the whole on-water experience even more enjoyable.

As with anything made by Riva, the interiors are first-class. Inside, you’ll find liberal use of marble, steel, wood and glass.

To appeal to all, customers have a choice of three styles for the Riva 88′ Folgore’s master cabin. Further adding to the comfort is a VIP cabin, two double cabins, each of which comes with its own luxury bathroom. The galley area is housed separately and had its own dedicated entrance allowing a high-level of privacy.

Externally, the 88′ Folgore is an absolute corker and if the interiors live up to what the brand states, it should quickly become an icon of the seas.

The 88′ Folgore was borne via a collaboration between Officina Italiana Design, the studio founded by Mauro Micheli along with Sergio Beretta, the Product Strategy Committee headed by Engineer Piero Ferrari, and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department.

We’ll leave things to Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group to tell you what the 88′ Folgore means to the Italian boatbuilders: “Riva 88′ Folgore looks like a vessel just back from a journey into the future: she is a dazzling flash of style, she is strength, she is performance, she is innovation.”

“The launch of the first new model in 2020 represents a new Renaissance for the Ferretti Group, which restarts from Riva, brand becoming more and more a contemporary myth, the essence of Made in Italy and a tangible sign of a Country that starts again.”

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The New Riva 88’ Folgore Gets Its First Taste of the Water 2


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