Taking Luxury Overseas: Saga Launch the Spirit of Discovery

Saga Spirit of Discovery

The cruise market is awash with plush ships poised to take you to new, exciting destinations in style.

It’s no secret that this fusion of accommodation and transportation makes for a holiday in itself, which is why many tour companies have taken to upping the ante with pools, bars and a whole host of other entertainment facilities onboard vessels.

Travel company Saga has just launched its new addition to the market, the Spirit of Discovery. Saga describes it as a boutique hotel, relaxing spa and lavish cocktail bar all in one, resulting in swanky surroundings complete with the service, personality and character which many know the business for.

Taking Luxury Overseas: Saga Launch the Spirit of Discovery 4

Where does it go?

Spirit of Discovery journeys take passengers to revered port cities, like Malaga, and offer customers inland excursions to Roman cities such as Rome and Pisa. Other tours are also run, taking Saga clientele on Northern Lights tours and through the stunning Norwegian Fjords. The Canary Islands, Iceland and the Caribbean all feature on the ship’s list of potential ports, alongside stopovers at New York over the festive period. Tours aboard the Spirit of Discovery start in 2019, and tickets are available to buy now.

Like other Saga ships, the Spirit of Discovery can take passengers to smaller, less-known ports, thanks to its relatively compact build. Despite being a modest size – by cruise ship standards – the vessel packs in a wide array of facilities…

What about onboard entertainment?

The Spirit of Discovery draws inspiration from some of the world’s finest hotels, guaranteeing anyone aboard a certain level of class. Saga has given the ship a distinctly British feel, too, so passengers can feel at home even when they’re halfway across the Atlantic.

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One of the Spirit’s main USPs is its spa features, comprising a hydrotherapy pool, a steam room, infrared sauna and massage rooms. Health conscious travellers will be pleased to know that there’s an onboard gym, running pilates, yoga and tai chi classes available, all of which are free of charge.

Saga passengers can then relax in the Playhouse – the ship’s own theatre. The auditorium only sits 400 guests, aiming for an intimate experience for every attendee. On top of guest entertainers, Saga’s entertainment division arrange cinema viewings and live music.

Finally, the Spirit of Discovery’s built-in library caters for bookworms and anyone wanting to surf the web and update their social media profile. It’s modelled similar to a small coffee shop, partly thanks to the kitchen area where passengers can help themselves to tea, coffee and a cheeky slice of cake.

And in the cabins?

Striving to rid people’s preconceptions of cruise cabins only containing tiny porthole windows, Spirit of Discovery cabins all have balconies with a small seating area outside.

They average around 215 square feet per cabin, but this can vary depending on which cabin grade voyagers opt for.

Taking Luxury Overseas: Saga Launch the Spirit of Discovery 6

What’s there to eat?

Across the whole Spirit of Discovery, there’s a selection of outdoor eating areas, restaurants and a grand dining room. Enjoy Asian and British cuisine, amongst other regional specialties, and freshly caught fish from different parts of the world.

Catering solely for the over 50s, Saga’s latest offer to the cruise market amounts to nothing less than sheer luxury. Get to know more about the Spirit of Discovery here.

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