Scavolini Reveals What Consumers Expect From a Kitchen in 2021

Scavolini Reveals What Consumers Expect From a Kitchen in 2021

2021 marks Scavolini’s sixtieth anniversary and is an ideal opportunity for them to look back over six decades of incredible kitchen design, how their innovations have helped improve households and what they are doing to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

Scavolini company has played a huge role in kitchen design. One of the main reasons for this is its ability to adapt and regularly working with prestigious international designers such as Diesel (above) to stay tuned to the needs of homeowners. In this celebratory year, we’re looking into how the company has adapted to meet the requirements of the current day homeowner.

Fabiana Scavolini, Scavolini CEO, said, “With many of us spending so much time at home, we have seen yet another re-evaluation of the role of the kitchen, which we, as manufacturers, are responding to. At the heart of this response is our founding ethos – which is the starting point for all Scavolini designs – to enhance the quality of home life by providing attractive and functional solutions.”

With the world now emerging into a new normal, the renowned furniture company reveals the three things homeowners now want from their kitchen and what they’re doing to meet these needs.

1. Better small-space living
What homeowners want: Reduced-space living is a continuing reality for millions worldwide, making lockdowns particularly tough. It also brought into focus the importance of an innovative approach to the design of small spaces.

The Boxlife kitchen is one of the company's greatest innovations

The solution: Scavolini’s BoxLife collection (above) comprises retractable and sliding doors that conceal day-to-day elements when they are not in use, helping the space transition from one function to the next. If the kitchen is not in use, for example, you can hide it behind closed doors so that it morphs into a space to relax.

2. Smarter kitchens at the heart of the smart home
What homeowners want: Before coronavirus, the smart home was already big news, with the number of smart homes worldwide expected to hit 481.9 million in 2025 (source: Digital Market Outlook). After spending more time at home, interest in the smart home has intensified with people looking to upgrade their homes for reasons ranging from energy-saving, sustainability or financial to convenience and comfort.

The Scavolini Dandy Plus kitchen

The solution: Scavolini is embracing the connected home with Dandy Plus (above), their smart kitchen, living room and bathroom collection. It is the first piece of furniture designed with integrated Amazon Alexa. This was done by building Alexa into a Task Bar, which is secured to the wall as part of the kitchen (or living room or bathroom) design. As seen in the above kitchen, the aluminium profile houses the smart speaker through which users can control appliances, such as lights, music – or any other compatible devices. Plus, there are plug sockets and USB ports for convenient charging and wireless worktop charging.

3. Sustainable kitchens
What homeowners want: The time spent at home over the last year has thrown energy efficiency sharply into focus, with homeowners wanting to reduce their bills with smart thermostats and smart light bulbs. Quite apart from the obvious budgetary advantages, small but significant changes like this have a significant environmental impact – an issue that is very close to Fabiana Scavolini’s heart.

The company's sustainable Formalia kitchen

The solution: Scavolini kitchens (such as their latest, Formalia, above) are built to last, but not at the expense of the environment. As such, for the carcasses of their kitchens, they use only raw ecological panels made from 100% recycled wood. When it comes to recycling Scavolini furniture, their two Cosmob Qualitas Premium certificates show their kitchen, living room, and bathroom furniture all have a product circularity of 96%.

You can learn more about Scavolini and their range of products at

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Scavolini Reveals What Consumers Expect From a Kitchen in 2021 2


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