Simone Zeffiro takes a closer look at the new Hasselblad Stellar II luxury camera

Simone Zeffiro takes a closer look at the Hasselblad Stellar II

Luxurious Magazine photo-journalist, Simone Zeffiro casts his experienced eye over Hasselblad’s latest offering, the Stellar II

Hasselblad is possibly the most iconic camera brand in the world. It’s the company that created the camera used in the US lunar landing and is a firm favourite with many of the world’s leading photographers, particularly in the fields of fashion and portraiture. As with all Hasselblad luxury cameras, the Stellar II has been meticulously designedI used a Hasselblad for an international travel feature last year and the results were stunning, winning awards and culminating in much aplomb and coverage from the camera manufacturer itself. Over the past couple of years, Hasselblad have used their high-end brand name to dip their toes into the world of luxury, something that Luxurious Magazine are well placed to comment on being the most worlds most popular luxury brand on Google Plus and the leading and top ranked luxury magazine online.

I’ll admit, the feedback to the Hasselblad luxury camera’s from the dedicated photographic press has been mixed, with some saying that the brands luxury range of cameras is style over substance, or re-branded existing Sony products, even if this is the case – So what?! The Hasselblad luxury cameras  are not aimed at professional photographers, but at people that enjoy luxury, appreciate style, want something that looks great and is at the same time highly-functional.

Sure, the Stellar, Lunar and HV cost more than comparable cameras, but at the same time, they carry the best name in the photographic industry. What many people fail to realise is that much of the luxury industry is all about the brand name, obviously quality and looks and if you can afford them, who’s anyone to say you can’t have what you want? You can spend three or four times more for a car with the “right” name compared to another that can do exactly the same but is less fashionable, when people do this they are applauded, so why should it be any different in the camera world? Take just two prominent owners of Hasselblad luxury cameras, ex-footballer David Beckham and Paul Godbold, the owner of Luxurious Magazine®, I very much doubt that there are many that can criticise their style or knowledge when it comes to luxury products.

About the new Hasselblad Stellar II

Hasselblad expands its compact camera line with the Stellar II, exclusively crafted for Aficionados, Collectors and Connoisseurs with a rich range of fine woods, finishes and details, both on the camera and packaging.

Michele Channer, Hasselblad’s International Sales Director declared, “Stellar II is a unique object of desire. It blends eye-catching beauty with exceptional performance and comes with the latest tech innovations. The new 20.2 megapixel Wi-Fi model, which can capture outstanding images in almost any light, comes with an option of four different grip finishes: olive wood; walnut; padouk and carbon fibre – and of course Zeiss lenses; HD 1080/60p video and a 3.6 x optical zoom capability are all standard on the Stellar II.”

The Hasselblad Stellar II luxury camera in walnut

Ian Rawcliffe, Hasselblad’s CEO, said, “Fuelled by our ongoing collaboration with Sony and Zeiss, the pocket-sized Stellar models are proving extremely popular. Photographers are delighted to have the option of owning the latest technology married with Hasselblad’s design vision and heritage.”

The new NFC technology and integrated Wi-Fi specifically made for effortless and intuitive image sharing on smartphones, tablets, and computers. The expanded functionality also includes a 3.0″ high-resolution screen with an increased 20% dynamic range of motion. The advanced anti-glare coating increases image sharpness in high light environments, while the multi-functional hot-shoe enhances creative versatility with attachable flashes and microphones.

The Stellar II, with a price tag of €1,650 (plus tax), was created for the rare few people that truly appreciate the harmony of artistry and technology.

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