StoryTerrace Launches ‘Tell Your Life Story’ Campaign to Help Brits

StoryTerrace Launches ‘Tell Your Life Story’ Campaign to Help Brits

StoryTerrace has introduced the ‘Tell Your Life Story’ questionnaire to allow those looking to document their story to complete the first step of StoryTerrace’s memoir-writing process for free.

The link to the questionnaire can be found here:

The questionnaire is free to complete, and the questions facilitate a deeply introspective look at the user’s own life. Regardless of whether users choose to continue on with the service, the completed questionnaire will be sent to the user so they can hold on to their personal stories. StoryTerrace believes that coronavirus confinement may help us rediscover the virtues of being together and sharing stories and that this societal pause could be the opportunity we need to put pen to paper and document our most memorable experiences.

Nationally representative research from StoryTerrace has revealed that nearly 2 in 3 Brits feel that their parents have made life-changing sacrifices for them, and over a third believe that there are historical legacies in their family that will be forgotten if they are not discussed. It has also revealed that in times of health crisis or not, Brits have a hard time connecting with those they hold dearest – 45% of Brits learn more about their parents from pictures or speaking to other family members than directly from them.

StoryTerrace is keen to encourage people to look inward at their own trials and tribulations as well as reach out to loved ones to listen to their tales and memories. By documenting and recording the stories of your loved one’s life, not only can you preserve their legacy, but you can achieve a better understanding of the person that you are in the world today through the people who helped shape you.

‘Tell Your Life Story’ questionnaire

Regardless of your individual circumstances, we all can be doing more to reach out to those we hold dearest, in times of health crises or not. Video calls in particular, are a fantastic choice for people to connect on – particularly when they are isolating alone. For those of you who are staying at home for an extended period with your children, StoryTerrace ensures that putting together a biography will be an incredible trip down memory lane and a welcome distraction during this testing time.

StoryTerrace is keen to provide something comforting during this period, and is encouraging people to be present with their loved ones by digging a little deeper and asking them about their most treasured memories and the experiences that define their life-stories.

Rutger Bruining of StoryTerrace

Rutger Bruining, CEO and Founder of StoryTerrace comments: “During the past month, we have seen an influx of requests from people looking to document their journey through life with StoryTerrace, and we believe it’s no coincidence that this has happened during a period of social distancing. As millions of people across the globe self-isolate, we are presented with a very unique opportunity for us to dedicate time to ourselves and practice some self-care. With the health crisis at hand, many of us are concerned for states of mind, but sharing stories and writing can be one of the most therapeutic ways for us to connect in this difficult time.

With the introduction of our ‘Tell Your Life Story’ campaign, we are encouraging anyone who has been thinking about writing a book or documenting their life story, or that of a loved one, to take advantage of this time and put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keys). In today’s world of self-publishing, there is a very real opportunity for anyone to become a published writer. We’ve been very fortunate to help over a thousand of our clients write their memoirs or biographies with much success at StoryTerrace– both in and outside of self-isolation.

In order to accommodate government advice, we are offering video and phone interviews wherever necessary or requested for our service – as this is a great way to connect with your loved ones while still being mindful of their safety. Many of our clients have already successfully created beautiful books using our remote service – so we can be confident that if you choose to go down this route you will enjoy the experience and be delighted with the results. This means you can create your book with the help of our wonderful team of writers and editors without ever being in the same room. We can even send copies across the country for family and friends to enjoy at home.”

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StoryTerrace Launches ‘Tell Your Life Story’ Campaign to Help Brits 2


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