An SUV With The X Factor, Tesla’s Falcon-Winged Model X

An SUV With The X Factor, Tesla's Falcon-Winged Model X 4

Electric All-Wheel Drive for maximum efficiency and traction allows all the power from the motors to be delivered to the road, pushing the car along rapidly when required. The grip is great and the Model X holds its course fantastically, giving the driver great confidence.

Parking sensors and blind spot warning aid the driver throughout their journey. If a vehicle approaches the Model X from behind, to the left or right of centre the blind spot system activates notifying the driver there is a vehicle in close proximity. The parking sensors allow for safer parking with great confidence, as bleeps are emitted if the vehicle nears an object front or back of it.

An SUV With The X Factor, Tesla's Falcon-Winged Model X 5

To maintain occupant comfort and safety Tesla have fitted a medical grade HEPA filter.  Air entering the vehicle is cleaned of pollen, bacteria, viruses, and pollution before circulating it into the cabin. There are three modes: circulate with outside air, re-circulate inside air and a bioweapon defence mode that creates positive pressure inside the cabin.

Tesla is continually enhancing their models and they can do this via over the air updates.

The Model X has Enhanced Autopilot and the latest software update now has improved capabilities, including; Autosteer up to 90 mph, Auto Lane Change, Summon (beta), Lane Departure Warning and Automatic Emergency Braking.

An SUV With The X Factor, Tesla's Falcon-Winged Model X 6

All the safety and technology that goes into the Model X along with the great drive it provides, make it a desirable car. I would certainly be happy owning one. The car looks good, it is cable of achieving 351 miles of range.  Tesla says It is the most aerodynamic SUV in production. At 0.25,  drag coefficient it is 20% lower than the next best SUV. For a large SUV, it handles well, with the all wheel drive aiding this, as it does with performance allowing the direct drive to power it along. The acceleration is truly rapid and exhilarating. Versatility with the various seating options and storage capacity make it a perfect family vehicle.  When choosing an SUV this really does have the X-factor.

Tesla Model X Specifications

  • Model X prices start from £70,500 for a 75D.
  • 0-60 mph 100D 3.6 secs    P100D 2.9 secs
  • Top Speed 155 mph
  • Width 89.4” With mirrors folded 81.5”
  • Ground Clearance 5.4” – 8.3”
  • Length 198.3”
  • Wheelbase 116.7”

8 year, infinite mile battery and drive unit warranty
4 year, 50,000 mile limited warranty

Learn about the Model X here.

Tesla Model X article written by Jeremy Webb

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