The Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant watch. The Sparkling Arachnid-mania Revelation.

The Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant watch. The Sparkling Arachnid-mania Revelation.

Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant sits amid the stillness of the city, wrapped in a shroud of darkness punctuated by diamond-like sparks from the cityscapes, a mysterious creeping creature appears.

Its predatory air and stealthy prowl foreshadow a powerful revelation. The Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant unveils a dramatic mutation with dazzling diamond brilliance adorning its horological arachnid body parts. This potent and exquisitely shimmering transformation captures the fascinating paradox between the distinctive horological design and authentic prowess in the realm of horological mechanics.

The Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant watch. The Sparkling Arachnid-mania Revelation.The fascinating arthropod appears to be suspended in mid-air, with eight legs firmly embedded in the generous 47 mm-diameter, 13.55 mm deep ultra-light titanium case – while the movement plate, symbolizing its abdomen and also serving as the watch dial, lies at the bottom of the empty space created by the remarkable depth. The Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant movement elements aligned down the middle reveal the nerve centre of this mesmerizingly disturbing creature. The rhythmical oscillations of the tourbillon mechanism occupy a space of their own, entirely in tune with the gravity-defying nature of this emblematic beast.

The cut-outs admirably highlight Concord’s fundamental construction principles – including its sturdy design, side-screwed protective ring, “ramparts” protecting the anti-reflective sapphire crystal and fortified crown – while accentuating the “camouflage” effect that helps it merge smoothly into its natural metropolitan environment. The Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant is a creature that deserves to be viewed from both sides, and the exhibition case-back reveals the handsomely decorated 19-jewel hand-wound C105 movement, with its sandblasted and polished bridges, steadily beating at 21,600 vibrations per hour.

This dramatic new predator clings firmly to the wrist on a black rubberized alligator strap held by four self-locking screws and a smoothly flowing lug-free attachment construction.

A brilliant new form of watchmaking life has escaped from the C Lab: the electrifyingly resplendent Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant is out there, thriving in the radiance of the city lights – meticulously spinning its web as it prepares to attract and capture its doubtlessly willing prey.

An eight-legged anthropod equipped with a tourbillon movement. A creature that imposes its own vision of mechanics and design. Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant is a predator on the prowl. Its prey is time. Its weapon is empty space. Its technique is surprise.   Born in vitro in the C lab, creator of avant-garde watchmaking, the Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant spins a world in which time is caught fast in its web and beats to the rhythmical oscillations of a tourbillon mechanism. Its original concept is a closely interwoven combination of aesthetic and technical elements. The case and movement form an inseparable whole, one being the natural and almost organic extension of the other. This symbiotic relationship engenders an absolute timepiece, the epitome of total design, in which performances go well beyond mere mechanics. Boldly proclaiming its difference, the Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant is a 25-piece limited edition, and its caseband carries a raised disk bearing the individual series number enhanced by a diamond-polished finish, thereby setting the seal on a symbolically charged watch that is unique in its kind.   The 47 mm-diameter case crafted in titanium provides the passing hours with generous scope for expression. Its 13.55 mm depth transforms empty space into a formidable weapon. The movement plate serving as a dial is placed at the very bottom of this area, and its eight “legs” embedded in the case radiate an air of powerful determination strangely reminiscent of arachnid predators. The whole design is permeated by a pervasive sense of weightlessness. The grooved monochrome finishing on the plate reveals its dark and intimidating side: like a black widow spider suspended in mid-air, the creature allows the hour and minute hands to sweep over its abdomen, while holding the tourbillon firmly in its grasp. The latter is fitted on a sapphire plaque fastened to the mainplate and screenprinted with the Concord logo. The Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant is a worthy representative of the Concord species. Its ultra-light titanium shell surrounded by rubber tabs merges technology and design while remaining faithful to the brand’s fundamental construction principles: reliable sturdiness, a laterally-screwed protective ring, a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment and encircled by “ramparts”, a fortified crown, and a perfect fit. This unconventional model displays a fascinating and paradoxical blend of density, volume, depth and lightness.

The hand-wound 19-jewel C105 movement revealed through the transparent caseback has a three-day power reserve and oscillates at a rate of 21,600 vibrations per hour. The finishing and decoration of the sandblasted and polished bridges set the finishing touch to the design of the watch. The matt vulcanized rubber strap is secured to the case by four self-locking screws, while the iconic lug-free attachment construction ensures a unique flow.   The eminently masculine Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant watch boldly asserts its sophisticated temperament and its vigorous design. It treats the sophisticated mechanism of one of the greatest horological complications to a spectacular stage-setting entirely governed by creative instincts.

The Concord C1 BlackSpider Brilliant watch specifications:


  • Mechanical, hand-wound Concord Caliber C105
  • 72-hour power reserve
  • 21,600 vibrations per hour
  • 19 jewels   Functions:
  • Hours, minutes, tourbillon


  • Titanium
  • Dimensions: 47 mm in diameter – 13.55 mm in depth
  • 3.30 mm thick sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
  • Stainless steel crown
  • Water-resistant to 30 meters
  • Open case back secured by 8 screws
  • Size 32/24
  • VS Quality
  • F-G Color
  • 224 total no. of diamonds
  • 2.03 carat


  • Black rubberized alligator strap with black PVD-treated stainless steel Concord deployment buckle
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